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The ability to convey your thoughts and feelings clearly are essential in interpersonal relationships. Having the tools to better manage anger and frustration, empathize, and to effectively negotiate can stop differences of opinion from escalating into full blown fights…Read More →

We know that stress can depress our immune system. That being true, it stands to reason that effective coping skills for dealing with stress can enhance our immune systems. There will always be stressors in our lives.  It is impossible to eliminate them. But you don’t have to internalize them…Read More →

How many times have you heard someone say: “The Problem Is”… when confronted with one of life’s little speed bumps?  Where you choose to place your intent, focus and energy will dramatically affect your outcome. The dialogue you have with yourself, whether defeatist or motivational will give power…Read More→

Each person creates an identity for themselves. The persona that we create is a manifestation of how we want others to view us, but also and more importantly, how we would like to see ourselves. Since any person’s perception is that person’s reality, it’s often difficult for someone to see past his or her perceptual creation.. Read More→

There are times when you have all the time in the world to give your subject a detailed pre-talk, take questions, wash the cat and have tea and crumpets. There are other times when you have limited time and must pick up the pace. The following is what I generally say when time is limited. As well, here are some preliminary questions you can ask that will provide a more specific picture of the subject’s current ideas about the experience of hypnosis:…Read More→

Instant inductions are my favorites. Especially those using a combination of shock and confusion (Startle Reflex & Sensory Overload). Most instant inductions look simple. The first time students see them, their thought is often, “This looks too easy to be true”. They are simple, but they take finesse… Timing is everything. One of the important elements with instant inductions utilizing shock is to keep talking seamlessly immediately after completing the induction. This is part of trance stabilization. Most professions are a mix of science & art. In my opinion hypnosis is more science than art. That’s…Read More → 

To children, the world is a magical place where anything can be real. It doesn’t matter if things have a basis in scientific fact. The subconscious is like a child. It either accepts an idea or it does not. At movies, you become emotionally engaged, ignoring the fact that you are watching actors on a set. It’s called, “Creating A Suspended State Of Disbelief”. When you buy your ticket, you are agreeing to suspend disbelief. The same is true when using hypnosis. Churches, Synagogues, Fraternal Organizations would cease to exist without ritual. Ritual bonds people to an idea. Childlike imaginative quality, combined…Read More → 

What someone expects to happen usually does happen. That’s why I don’t tolerate “Victim Mentality” in my therapy room, my classes, or for that matter in my personal life. Victim mentality has no redeeming qualities. Why do some people choose to be victims? It’s because being a victim is easy. It does not require taking responsibility for your life and/or behavior, or taking action in your life. Being a victim implies that the person is at the mercy of forces beyond their control. The cause of every unpleasant thing they experience has been done to them, not by them through their own choices. Solutions require taking both responsibility for and action in your life. It takes effort. It requires honestly acknowledging your…Read More → 

Writing The Story Of Your Life
It’s a corny old saying, but “Today Truly Is The First Day Of Your Life”! Your choices will write the next chapter of your life story “The past is dead. The future is unborn. This moment of opportunity is all you have”. A lifetime is nothing more than a chain of moments, each moment being one link. History is only good for one thing… to learn from it, so as not to keep making the same mistakes. The old saying, “Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it” is absolutely true. How can we move forward, improving on the past, if the lessons we acknowledge as real are based on a false premise. No one has control over anyone else. We do have complete control over ourselves. Only through ownership of our challenges can we resolve and improve on, who we are now.. With OWNERSHIP of who you are, for better or for worse, comes great power…Read More → 

Exercise and Fitness For The Spirit
Life Itself Is Spiritual and Emotional Exercise. People weight lift to strengthen and shape their muscles. By applying resistance to muscles and putting them under stress, they grow stronger. When we encounter emotional, spiritual and intellectual resistance in our lives, the same strengthening process takes place. The more challenging life events push us out of our comfort zone. If we accept the challenge, we can grow stronger emotionally, spiritually and intellectually. When difficult times come, you can say “Why Me”, or, utilize those challenges to become stronger. It takes courage and willingness to exceed the boundaries of comfort. I have often said There are no bad experiences if we learn from them. There are simply pleasant and unpleasant experiences. It all comes down to your…Read More → 

Stop Supercharging Your Problems
You’ve heard people say: “The Problem Is”… when confronted with one of life’s speed bumps? Where you place your intent, focus and energy will dramatically affect your outcome. You don’t have to look for problems. They will find you! You do have to look for solutions. “Solutions Will Not Seek You Out”. A lazy and/or a defeatist person will focus on a problem and say…Read More → 

Reality Is Just A Figment Of Your Imagination
People say, “The reality is”. I reply, “Whose Reality”. .. What constitutes reality & what is only perception. As a society, we share beliefs about reality. This provides us with a sense of community. If we could read each other’s minds, we might find we are not agreeing on the same things at all. People adopt a belief & then attempt to prove the belief. It might be more productive if we…Read More → 

Changing Your Life By Changing Your Attitude
I frequently ask patients and students, “Would you rather be happy or right?” Often you cannot have both. Trying to make the world (especially others) conform to your view of life is a recipe for conflict…Read More → 

Virtually every healthy person past the age puberty can have a great sex life… How’s your sex life? Is it passionate, exciting, and filled with pleasure and satisfaction? If not you can change that…Read More → 

One saying that I do my best to follow is “Never take life too seriously… you won’t get out of it alive anyway!” One of the best attributes a person can have is a sense of humor. That’s why I decided to start a new program called “WEIGHT LOSS FOR THE MIND: LIGHTEN-UP ™”…Read More → 

Pick Up The Oars And Row
My father used to say, “Some people would rather rock the boat than pick up the oars and row”. The unfortunate reality is that there is a lot of truth in that saying. People, more often than not, become more immersed in the problem than they are in finding and more importantly implementing a solutionRead More → 

A Simple Path To A Better Relationship
For any of the suggestions in this article to work, you must truly value, love and respect your significant other enough to put aside your ego and place your partner and your relationship first. For true success and happiness you need to be absolutely first to each other…Read More → 

In our culture most people have no idea of how to do nothing. Our culture promotes the idea that to be productive we must always be doing something. Creativity however comes from letting go of preconceived ideas…Read More → 

Grief Management
Our philosophy of life (and death) has a profound impact on how we handle grief. We have no power to change or control the lives and/or deaths, or the coming or going of others who are part of our lives, but we have the ability to reframe of how we internalize those events. Keep in mind, I never said it was easy… but it is simple…Read More → 

A relationship is like tending a garden. If you water your garden, provide nourishment, get rid of the weeds as soon as they arise and prevent pests and other harmful critters from entering your garden, your garden will flourish and provide great pleasure for you…Read More → 

Explaining Hypnosis
The single most important thing in grooming a new client or patient ( We’ll use Subject) for hypnosis is to increase their comfort level so that, not only have you eliminated fears, but additionally you have created excitement and enthusiasm. To accomplish this it’s not enough to simply tell them facts about hypnosis…Read More → 

Would you like to maximize your levels of performance and at the same time gain greater enjoyment from your hobbies, sports or job? You can! People usually create their own barriers to success, happiness and enjoyment. People are often unable to achieve desired levels of performance that accurately represent their true potential due to self imposed stumbling blocks. They rarely, however, see this as the reason. Instead focus is mistakenly placed…Read More → 

Basics Of Developing Your Communication Skills
Personal differences make life interesting, but can also cause conflict. Destructive arguments leave scars that are difficult to repair. Communication and listening skills are essential. Even though discussions are generally…Read More → 

Meditation is a state of altered awareness that allows us to bypass previous programming and critical thought and to open up to our higher self (Wisdom, Creativity, Intuition, etc. etc.). Meditation has been part of every society since the dawn of man. Virtually every religion has one form of meditation or another as part of its rituals. The fact is, almost everyone goes into a meditative state…Read More → 

Health, Fitness, Max Performance and Hypnosis
When hypnosis is mentioned in a clinical context, many people associate it only with things like, hypnosis for smoke cessation and for weight loss, but these benefits only scratch the surface. Hypnosis can be used to modify perception and behavior in a multitude of areas…Read More → 

Expectation is the catalyst for a significant percentage of stress related issues. It can be a person’s expectations of themselves or more often of others. Often expectations are unrealistic. When a person harbors expectations and the expectations are not fulfilled…Read More → 

Men, Women And Sexual Performance Anxiety
Sex… one of the most intimate and rewarding experiences. It is a primary enforcer and, in most instances, a healthy and natural drive. It is designed by nature to be pleasurable to assure the continuation of the species. Many men and women however never fully experience the joy of a fulfilling sex life. The numbers are surprising. In my practice I see many people each year that are unable to have the quality of sexual pleasure they desperately want. This is truly unfortunate. Sex is a normal and natural desire. Unfortunately, as with many things, we human beings deny, rather than accept our nature. Often children are indoctrinated with what is called “waking hypnotic suggestion”. These “waking hypnotic suggestions” often conflict with our natural desires thereby causing internal conflict. For example, often parents…Read More → 

People will spend two, four, six, or eight years in college or trade school to learn a job skill. Most often, these same people spend virtually no time getting to know about themselves. This can be one source of great internal conflict…Read More → 

Mother Theresa did wonderful acts of kindness and compassion all around the world. I commend her for that and am in no way trying to diminish her wonderful heart, her character, or the things she did for humanity. In all reality though, there is an underlying reason that she felt compelled to do those things…Read More → 

Over the years I have conducted thousands of Past Life Regressions. There are many varying opinions and theories about past lives. Most major religions support at least the possibility of reincarnation. In brief, allow me to share…Read More → 

Asking The Right Questions
For decades I told students that getting the right answer to the wrong question is no more beneficial than getting the wrong answer to the right question. Often people find themselves in the same situations over and over again. In part this is…Read More → 

People often come to me with the goal of being able to better open up to their creative and intuitive powers. Patients, students and friends are often looking for ways to expand their horizons and to gain the ability to look at life from many different perspectives. There is one simple concept that I relay to them all. Original thought can never be achieved with the conscious mind…Read More → 

Is Your Sex Drive In Neutral???
There are distinct advantages in using the insertion of HRT pellets. With topicals creams and gels there are peaks and valleys during the day and night. When topical are applied levels spike, and as the day goes by the levels diminish. With pellets, your body draws on the hormone pellets as needed…Read More → 

Tired of Guessing?
Contained in the nucleotides of DNA are the genetic instructions for every function in the human body. Traditionally, DNA is associated with dictating individual appearance, hair and eye color, height etc. That holds true as well in regard…Read More → 

Anger is not a root emotion. Anger is symptomatic of fear (most frequently), and/or frustration. Anger can be a fear of losing face with colleagues, fear of losing a job, or simply fear of loss of pride, acceptance, identity or self-esteem…Read More → 

As is usually the case, a group of politicians jumped on the bandwagon and are now trying to reclassify Vicodin as a class 2 drug, which would make it harder for patients to get and for physicians to prescribe. For decades I have said, “Getting the right answer to the wrong question is no more valuable than getting the wrong answer to the right question”. The legitimate question here is: Do you want your physician to decide what’s medically best for you, or do you want the government to decide…Read More → 

Pellet Implants – The Best In Hormone Replacement Therapy
There are many drawbacks to conventional hormone therapy replacements. There can be side affects and/or other health risks with topical or oral methods. With topical there is always a significant risk of transfer to other people through direct contact, contact with bed sheets, clothing etc. that can be detrimental when transferred to children or other adults. Pellets provide a great alternative…Read More → 

Hair Today… Gone Tomorrow???
Every hair on your head is genetically programmed to cycle through 3 stages: growth, rest, and shedding. Most people lose 50 to 150 hairs each day. Most hair re-grows because the hair follicle remains intact. When the shedding significantly exceeds growth, the result is baldness. Most hair loss is hereditary however stress (physical or emotional), diet…Read More → 

What is Meditation?
Meditation is a state of altered awareness that allows us to bypass previous programming and to open up to our higher self and to original thought. It has been part of every culture since the dawn of man. The fact is that almost everyone goes into a meditative state…Read More → 

Which Came First The Chicken or the Egg
As we continue to age our bodies lose the ability to produce hormones in the amounts that they used to make and in amounts that we need in order to stay well, strong and feeling healthy. We now begin to lose more cells than we are able to create. The hormones that once…Read More →

What is a “Functional Symptom”. In short, they are symptoms that unconsciously serve a purpose. The functional symptom is usually a byproduct of some underlying emotional and/or psychological issue. As well, this symptom usually has no actual physical pathology. The symptom is generated unconsciously…Read More →

The Anti Aging Benefits of Sermorelin
Almost every adult wants to either look and feel younger or slow down the aging process. With our newsletter we strive to offer our readers various methods to maintain youth and look and feel younger. One method we think offers great possibilities for helping…Read More →

How Can Hcg Help You Look Great For The Summer?
Dr. Oz touted Hcg’s benefits on his show. Medical professionals are hailing weight loss with hCG as a major breakthrough in losing weight and stubborn body fat. This advanced weight loss program has a TREMENDOUS SUCCESS RESULT FOR PEOPLE WHO FOLLOW THE PLAN EXACTLY! It is a physician approved program…Read More →

PERFORMANCE ENHANCEMENT and Therapeutic Hypnosis
In my experience with helping people to increase performance I find the single most powerful reason that people fall short of their goal(s) is “distraction”. In order to perform at maximum ability it is imperative that a person be “In The Moment”. When you are in the moment, all of your resources…Read More →

A Hair Raising Experience (Thicker Fuller Hair for Men and Women)
Hair has long been a symbol of sensuality and youth. So much so that in some cultures women must cover their head/hair in public. With men, a great head of hair is often associated with youthfulness and attractiveness. Unfortunately, as we age, both men and women experience loss of hair, thinning of hair and an overall deterioration in the quality of each strand of hair. This is due to a number of reasons…Read More →

Rapid Weight Loss, Body Sculpting and Maintaining a Healthy Body
Yo-Yo dieting got its name because of many restricted calorie diets where people lose weight only to gain it (and sometime more) back over and over with no lasting success. In a nutshell, here’s what happens… When a person drastically restricts calories, his or her body, anticipates starvation. In an effort to protect itself from starvation the brain and body jump into action. Metabolic rate slows…Read More →

Past Live Regression – A Real Glimpse Into The Past or False Memory Syndrome
Anyone conducting Past Life Regressions has probably had a client say, “How do I know that what I’ll experience will be real” and/or “Can you promise that I’ll be able to have a past life experience?” These are good questions that deserve a straight forward answer. My answers are simple: (1) Because of the forensic protocol that I use in conducting past life sessions…Read More →

Anyone conducting Past Life Regressions has probably had a client say, “How do I know that what I’ll experience will be real” and/or “Can you promise that I’ll be able to have a past life experience?” These are good questions that deserve a straight forward answer. My answers are simple: (1) Because of the forensic protocol that I use in conducting past life sessions…Read More →

Over the past 3 or 4 decades many clients and/or patients have been held hostage in long-term therapy. This has been in great part due to the prevailing mindset of the “Pop-Psyche Community” that focused on feelings rather than perception and behavior. Certain schools of thought within the psychological community have affectively protected themselves from criticism by committing to absolutely nothing in terms of what is, or is not, positive and productive behavior…Read More →

Whether or not a hypnotist or therapist believes in past lives is irrelevant. Believer or not, he or she can use that theory to facilitate positive change. If you are not a believer, I suggest that you keep an open mind when performing past lives sessions. You may very well change your mind…Read More →

Everyone knows (unless they grew up under an eggplant) that men and women process information differently. Irrespective of the “pop-psychology” of the last few decades where some therapists and researchers would have you believe that most male/female differences are primarily acquired through socialization, the fact is that there are social, biological, and evolutionary reasons why men and women process information differently…Read More →

Mainstreaming Hypnotherapy
We are all best served when we do our part to make hypnosis and hypnotherapy an accepted and viable option in the eyes of the general public. To my amazement there are still those who would rather keep things as they have been in the past (although the majority in our profession do recognize the value of becoming more mainstream in the eyes of the public, the wellness community, and the medical community). I have a theory about that…Read More →

For hypnotherapy to become a mainstream therapy in the eyes of the public it is incumbent upon each therapist to represent the profession in a positive light. The image of hypnotherapy in the public arena is 99 percent dependant on the behavior of its practitioners and the quality of our training programs. A professional appearance, a pleasant demeanor, and a neat clean office are important, however, the most important ingredient…Read More →

The ability to help your clients succeed in accomplishing their goal(s) depends significantly on your client’s faith and trust that these changes are not only possible, but also likely. With one of my clients in for his second visit, the conversation went something like this. Dr. H.: You’ve been doing well this past week I trust. Client: I’ve been doing great. My stress levels are…Read More → 

A good therapist knows the importance of establishing a reward system. He or she understands the value of developing a path to a desired end. To do this we need to understand the usefulness and purpose of forgiveness. We also need to know how that usefulness…Read More → 

FEAR (Working with anger management part 2)
It is fear that is the primary root of anger. [Note: Although anger rooted in fear is often displayed as anger toward another person or persons, the anger is usually anger at one’s self that is then directed to or transferred to another person.] It is important to realize that although virtually…Read More → 

Today we live in a society that provides more “stressors” than perhaps at any time in history. This is especially true here in the USA with the recent terrorist attacks and related safety concerns. Absent of effective coping skills for dealing with stress both our peace of mind, as well as our physical health, can be…Read More → 

For your hypnotherapy client/patient to receive maximum benefit from your suggestions, it is essential that suggestions be given in the best possible order. During the intake, a therapist should be gathering information that will allow him or her to construct a therapeutic plan and to formulate suggestions…Read More → 

As hypnotherapists (or counselors) it is our job and purpose to assist the client/patient in achieving his or her goals. That is our only job. A true professional never agendizes his or her therapy sessions. As a professional it is critical…Read More → 

Developing this plan is crucial to successful therapy. If we the hypnotherapists are the navigators, then it stands to reason that we must map out a way to get from point “A” to point “B” before starting the journey. If we do not have a plan, then the client may as well…Read More → 

I am frequently asked how I keep my practice so busy. Each year I see hypnotherapists and holistic practitioners go in and out of business. Often they have the skills of their profession (hypnosis etc.), but no skills in running a practice. This is one of the reasons that I require…Read More → 

Much of what is publicized as being “new concepts” in holistic health are simply ancient modalities that have been relabeled or slightly modified to fit modern cultural bias. More often than not, when someone mentions a new modality (method or approach) to me, I recognize it to be something already contained in Shaolin Kung-fu and classical Chinese medicine. Modern culture is simply…Read More → 

The most common complaint about holistic modalities is that “they are not an exact science”. For example, western physicians have commented to me that “they don’t know for certain how acupuncture works so they won’t advocate it’s use” and “there is not enough scientific data about herbs to utilize them”. Personally I believe, if they prove helpful to those using them and if there is no body of evidence of harm from their use…Read More → 

I love my work as I am sure most of you do. No matter how much you love what you do you must, of course, be able to make a living at it if you want to do it as a profession. One way I have found to maximize my efforts is through…Read More → 

We, as professionals in the field of hypnotherapy, are well acquainted with the terms and tools of our profession. Due to our comfort level based on our knowledge of hypnosis and hypnotherapy it is easy for many of us to overlook how others outside of our profession may perceive those things that we relate to as normal daily activity…Read More → 

In hypnosis and hypnotherapy we frequently hear the phrase “go deeper”. Have you ever stopped to think about what that phrase means to the clients/patients you are working with. Perception about virtually everything in the world is different from person to person…Read More → 

Those who assume that healthy weight loss can be accomplished by focusing on suggestion that your client/patient simply eat less, or avoid snacks, may be setting themselves up for disappointment and setting up their client/patient for disaster. Let me explain what happens when someone eats too little in an attempt to lose weight…Read More → 

The desire to help others is something to take pride in. The difference between a layperson with the desire to help others, and a therapist with that same desire, is the trained ability to direct that desire in the most productive way…Read More →