SmartShield System
(Of Defensive Tactics and Personal Protection)

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Includes elements of the Six Zone Safeguard System



Learn To Keep Yourself, Your Loved Ones, Or Those You Are Charged With Protecting,



We live in an increasingly dangerous world. There are many reasons for this. Law enforcement usually arrives after the fact and is therefore incapable of protecting people a majority of the time. Movies, television and video games have played a role in desensitizing people to the real tragedy of and painful aftermath that follows violent crime. Abductions, beatings, robberies, rapes and murders happen around us daily. Virtually every victim of violent crime was caught unprepared and off guard. Victims obviously thought that it would not happen to them or they would have done things differently. We leave our homes for work or recreation; we send our children to school and off to college assuming someone in authority will be looking out for their safety. That attitude can and has often led to tragedy. Remember too, not all violent crime happens in high crime or impoverished areas. Heinous crimes happen every day in middle class and upscale neighborhoods. In truth… no one is really looking out for you or your children. Personal responsibility and preparedness on everyone’s part is essential in our increasingly dangerous world of terrorism and violent crime.


Security Personnel And Law Enforcement Are Statistically At Far Greater Risk Than The Average Person

The very nature of security personnel and law enforcement officer’s jobs, places them at greater risk. Providing protection for another person or for a facility can make the security professional a primary target. Making an arrest or traffic stop or serving a warrant all have their own inherent risks for law enforcement. Circumstances can quickly escalate to levels where the only person you can depend on to provide safety for yourself or someone you are responsible to protect, is you.

The SmartShield System™ of Personal Protection, is a practical and timely way to provide higher levels of safety and security for yourself and for those you love, and for the professional… those you are responsible to protect. This system does not rely on physical strength or size. No martial arts or special background is needed to effectively utilize this system. As well, training is can be scheduled in a 1, 2 or 3-day format depending on individual needs, so a long-term commitment is not required.




Karate/Kung Fu Illustrated Called Him ” The King Of The Street” For His Street-Wise Training Approach

 This course teaches the ins and outs of threat analysis, avoidance, methods to reduce your exposure as a target (Harden the target), how to create windows of opportunity for escape, what to say and/or do and what not to say and/or do, if confronted by an assailant. The course includes procedures for threats involving weapons, stress management skills, psychological and emotional factors, simple and effective defensive tactics should the need arise, home security and much more.



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SmartShield System™

Course Outline

How Does The SmartShield System Work? – Principles and Protocols
Types Of AssaultWho Might Attack You And Why? Who presents the greatest danger and how to recognize them.
What You Need To Know About Home Intrusions.
    Preparation and training/practice methods to stay on the cutting edge.

Awareness Training:
Training you to know signs of danger – This is the day it will happen!

Avoidance and Risk Assessment:
Hardening the Target. Increase your chance of survival. The best ways to safety is to stay out of harm’s way. You’ll gain valuable knowledge that will help you make wiser choices through increasing awareness and evaluating the risk.

Psychology Of Protection:
State Of Mind – If you feel and/or act like a victim, your more likely will become one.

Stress Management – Stress causes both emotional and physiological changes to take place. These stress factors can inhibit or prevent you from responding appropriately. Stress management skills are essential. Methods of stress management as well as exercises to increase your stress management abilities are provided.

What to say or not say – How your attacker(s) perceives you can make a big difference. Know what statements and topics of conversation will help and which will be problematic.

Choosing course of action (Quickly) – The course of action (or non-action) that you select is important. Having the emotional and mental tools to make decisions quickly and commit to them is even more important.

 Attacker’s State Of Mind – (e.g.: Fear, Instilling Fear, Dominance, Mentally Ill, Profit Motive, etc.) – Learn about the mindset of your potential attacker. By knowing the attacker’s mindset, you can avoid behaviors that elevate the attackers level of motivation to escalate the attack.

Evacuate – Safety Is Job #1 Always have multiple Exit Strategies. Remove yourself (and others you are responsible for) from threat area ASAP. Let us show you ways to assess the situation and create opportunities for escape.

Threat AssessmentPerceived Threat V Actual Threat. Learn to distinguish between the two so that you can address the real and imminent danger.

De-escalation Of The Threat Level

  • Physical, Verbal, Demeanor.
  • When walking, be deliberate in your mannerism.
  • Eye contact – Risks and benefits
  • Never look at the ground or seem unaware of your surroundings. Look ahead.
  • If someone says hello, smiles, waves, maintain the above.
  • Don’t worry about seeming rude. You likely never see those people again. Your purpose is to get home safely.

Threat Level & Appropriate Response Level – Management & Survival levels of response. Your right to defend (General knowledge, not legal advice).

Engagement Training Zoned Defensive Tactics (SixZone Safeguard System)

Hands on training in basic defensive skills
Finding or creating the opportunity for escape through both verbal and physical skills.
Using Everyday items as weapons.
Defensive Tactics against an unarmed attacker
Defensive Tactics against an attacker armed with a knife
Defensive Tactics against an attacker armed with a club
Defensive Tactics against an attacker armed with a firearm
Defensive Tactics against an attacker armed with a firearm
Abduction – Escapes

Home and Facility Security: –

Doors, Windows, Locks, etc. Garage, basement, pet doors and other entrances.
Alarm systems
Safe Room
Food Supply
Medical/First Aid Supplies
What Parents Should Teach Their Young Children

Weapons For Personal Protection

Firearms and Firearms Training
Considerations before acquiring a firearm for personal protection
Psychological factors (e.g.: are you emotionally prepared to use it if necessary.
Which Firearm for which situation
Carrying a concealed firearm… Should You?

Exposure to biological agents

Bolstering Your Immune System Preemptively.
Filter Masks, sanitizers etc. that may be useful.

Post Event Actions and Considerations

Police involvement
Psychological (PTSD etc.)
Legal Counsel

Handgun Retention & Disarming

Law enforcement and/or providing security, can be a dangerous job. The day can be moving along peacefully… be even a little uneventful, then in the blink of an eye, that can all change.

What if, during a struggle, someone attempted to take your firearm from you. What if he is bigger and stronger that you. This seminar will provide you with practical applications for retaining your firearm. As well, you will learn simple, practical and effective disarming techniques for use against

an assailant with a firearm, knife, club and more.

Grandmaster Holder has instructed law

enforcement personnel, military personal,

professional bodyguards, and professional  defensive

tactics instructors. Now you can benefit from his decades of experience.


Courses Can Be Tailor Made To Fit Your Personal or Organizational Needs