The  Six  Zone  Safeguard  System  of  Defensive  Tactics

The  Six- Zone  Safeguard  System  is  a  practical,  Street-wise  approach  to  defensive  tactics.


Six-Zone programs. 

  1. Personal Protection (Basic, Intermediate, Advanced Levels)
  2. Instructor Certification  Program  (Basic,  Intermediate,  Advanced)



In today’s fast paced  world,  few  people  have  the  time  to  devote  to  years  of  martial  arts  training.  With  crime  and  violent  assaults  on  the  rise,  knowing  how  to  provide  for  your  defense  can  offer  great  peace  of  mind.  My Six -Zone Safeguard System Course is a short-term course that teaches effective, street-wise skills for personal safety and survival. Self-defense and fighting are two separate and distinct things. In self-defense, your goal is to survive.  In fighting, your goal is to vanquish your opponent. The Six -Zone System of self-defense provides valuable tools for survival.  It  is  not  my  intent  to  make  you  a  world-class  fighter  in  two  easy  lessons.  By learning a small number of very versatile techniques, you can prepare yourself for a multitude of situations.    It is unrealistic to assume that in four hours of training (or 4 months for that matter), any instructor can make you a great fighter.  I make no such claims.  What  I  can  do  is  increase  your  chance  for  safety  and  survival.  The  purpose  of  this  course  is  to  do  exactly  that.  That  goal  is  accomplished  by  incorporating  the  following  areas  of  study.


  1. Basics – Who is your likely attacker and why (various types of assault).
  2. Avoidance – The best way to provide for your safety is to stay out of harm’s way.
  3. Awareness Training – Know the signs of danger (what to look for).
  4. Stress Management  –  Stress  will  cause  both  emotional  and  physiological  changes  to  take    These  stress  factors  can  inhibit  or  prevent  you  from  responding  appropriately.  Stress  management  skills  are  essential.
  5. Creating a  window  of  opportunity  for  escape  –  Finding  or  creating  the  opportunity  for  escape  through  verbal  and  physical
  6. Zoned Defensive Tactics –
    1. Hands-on training in basic defensive skills as well as using everyday items as weapons.


Ultimately, you are responsible for your personal safety.  The  police  may  or  may  not  be  there  for  you.  Often  times,  those  close  enough  to  help  don’t  want  to  get  evolved.  Knowing  the  right  actions  to  take  (or  not  take),  along  with  the  ability  to  cope  emotionally  with  an  assault  can  make  the  difference  between  life  and  death.  You  can  take  responsibility  for  your  safety.  You have the power.