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Masters-Center, (a Div. BodySmart Wellness LLC), is a therapy, educational and wellness organization that follows a mind, body, and spirit philosophy, utilizing current, traditional and complementary modalities in working with
patients, customers, clients, and in teaching students. Masters-Center was founded in 1980 and since then has helped tens of thousands of students, patients, and clients striving to reach their full potential.

Masters-Center services include, counseling, life coaching and mentoring, therapeutic hypnosis (hypnotherapy), Wing Chun Kung Fu, Philosophy studies and more. Masters-Center also offers the finest in hypnotherapy courses and topic specific mini-courses and is the International Headquarters for the “North American Wing Chun Association” (Wing Chun Kung Fu). Masters-Center also offers an array of fantastic self-help and personal development programs. You can take advantage of these courses and programs at a Masters-Center location, or at your location through online courses and/or video and audio materials designed to help you Be The Best Possible Version Of Yourself.

Seminars and Workshops: Masters-Center Offers Online and On Location seminars and workshops. Look for offerings in the events section of this site. You can also choose to sponsor a seminar or workshop for your organization. Workshops and seminars can be customized to fit your needs. Click Here to see some of the seminars and workshops that are available

Mini Courses: Look for video shorts, posts, and “How To’ videos, on this website and on the Masters-Center social media pages. You will find links to the Masters-Center social media pages at the top righthand corner of this page. Courses and Mini Courses are for the most part Hypnosis, Self-Defense, Wing Chun Kung Fu, and Philosophy related, but from time to time you will find other topics as well.

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