A Hair Raising Experience (Thicker Fuller Hair for Men and Women)

By Philip Holder, PhD
Copyright Philip Holder and Marie Holder MD. 2012

A Hair Raising Experience

Hair has long been a symbol of sensuality and youth. So much so that in some cultures women must cover their head/hair in public. With men, a great head of hair is often associated with youthfulness and attractiveness. Unfortunately, as we age, both men and women experience loss of hair, thinning of hair and an overall deterioration in the quality of each strand of hair. This is due to a number of reasons.

Two significant reasons are, blood flow and stimulation to the individual hair follicles and in men the conversion of testosterone into DHT. This conversion plays a major role in the thinning of hair and in particular in male pattern baldness.

When people think of baldness they normally think first of baldness in men. The truth is that women from 40 years old and on generally experience an increasing loss of hair (both thickness and quality). Hair often doesn’t have that full bodied look and the scalp can often be seen through the hair. This can be particularly disturbing to women, even more so than it is with men.

There are solutions to the problem. Some are effective but even the effective ones can have drawbacks, so do your research. For example, there are some topical formulations that are effective but may cause unwanted side effects (e.g.: Rogaine etc.). As well, they require ongoing frequent use or the positive effects achieved will go away and the baldness will return.

One great solution that we often recommend to our patients is the use of cool laser technology. Cool laser is completely safe when used as directed. It will not burn and it causes no genetic changes in tissue/cells. There is no down side. When done in conjunction with a safe topical (like we use at our office) that also inhibits testosterone conversion, the results can be enhanced even further. The results of this great FDA approved technology can be truly amazing.

The cool laser does 2 things… It stimulates the hair follicles thereby promoting hair restoration and growth and it stops conversion of testosterone to DHT reducing or stopping hair loss. The only real criteria for success is… there must be some follicular growth for the laser to stimulate. Someone who is bald as a Q-Ball for instance would not be a great candidate. If there is follicular growth present, you’re good to go. The physician overseeing the hair therapy can make that determination as to whether you are a good candidate for the laser treatments.

YOU CAN HAVE A GREAT HEAD OF HAIR TOO! If you want to look and feel younger, this could certainly help. We would be happy to provide you with additional information by request. Look below for some great examples of what can be achieved.

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