by Philip Holder PhD.
Medical Coordinator – BodySmart Wellness
Grandmaster – North American Wing Chun Association
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Grandmaster, North American Wing Chun Association


Instant inductions are my favorites. I especially prefer instant inductions that are a combination of shock and confusion (Startle Reflex and Sensory Overload).

The induction that I’ll be using for this demonstration is one of my favorites. The induction takes only about 10 seconds. Although not absolutely necessary, inductions like this one are even more reliable when you provide the subject with a little bit of preparation prior to using this induction with them the first time. Subsequently, when using the induction on the same person, the prep is unnecessary. As well, after the induction, it’s best to take a few seconds to stabilize trance.

Most instant inductions look quite simple. In fact, when new students see these inductions for the first time, their first thought is often, “This looks too easy to be true”. The fact is, these inductions are very simple, but they take a great deal of finesse and timing is everything.

One of the most important elements of instant inductions that utilize shock (Startle Reflex), is to keep talking seamlessly immediately after completing the induction. This is part of trance stabilization. Even if the induction is done flawlessly, if the operator pauses after completing the induction, the subject who just went into hypnosis so quickly will likely emerge from hypnosis just as quickly.

Although all professions are to some extent a mix of science and art, hypnosis is more science than art. That’s a wonderful thing because, by understanding the science, the desired outcome is repeatable by simply following the prescribed protocol. In the short video that is provided as part of this article, I will explain the process in more detail.

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