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Philip Holder PhD.
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Lighten Up 20160418aOne saying that I do my best to follow is “Never take life too seriously… you won’t get out of it alive anyway!” One of the best attributes a person can have is a sense of humor. That’s why I decided to start a new program called “WEIGHT LOSS FOR THE MIND: LIGHTEN-UP ™”. In both my hypnotherapy courses and my Kung Fu classes I have always tried to pass on to my students the idea that a person’s quality of life is enhanced greatly when they can see humor in the world around them. I’ve been told on more than one occasion that I should be a comedian because of the way I view the world. I have always taken that as a great complement. Life, in fact, is funny.

Here’s an example:
I was looking for new office space. When I arrived at one of the potential building locations I was greeted by a grumpy old fellow who told me that he, would be showing me the building. As we approached the entrance he waived his hand toward the building proudly stating, “this represents the entire building”. Hey, that’s funny stuff! I chuckled to myself. What would the entire building represent other than “the entire building”, but I guess that was his sales pitch. Then he asked me, “are you interested in the bigger half or the smaller half of the building.” That’s funny too! (Bigger half, smaller half ?????) This all happened within 5 minutes. I still had the rest of the day to go. Life is full of humor… even in the simplest of circumstances. You just have to be open to it.


One of the biggest pitfalls in life is that of taking ourselves too seriously. I’ve meet and work with thousands of people. I have noticed the best instructors in just about any field are those that have a lighter perception of themselves and of others. My belief is that teachers or instructors who attempt to portray themselves as stern all knowing, Guru’s (or Guruettes as the case may be), are those who most often lack the confidence and the base of knowledge that would allow them to simply, be at ease, with who they are and what they do.

I love the work I do. If tomorrow I were to decide that I didn’t like what I was doing I would quit. Each moment of life should be cherished. Life can be a pleasure if we simply view it with humor.

I suggest to my students that they imagine that they are lying on their deathbed. I ask them to imagine what they would do differently if this were actually the last day of their life. Then I encourage them to live whatever they say they would have changed now, because it is too late when death actually comes.


Our disappointments are a product of unrealistic expectations of ourselves and of others. The remainder result when we strive for what we think we should have instead of simply following what we love. Think about it… Haven’t most of your disappointments resulted from those times when you expected something from someone and they didn’t fulfill your hopes and expectations? Disappointment may also have come your way when you were didn’t live up to your expectations of yourself. When you expect a person to be someone other than who they are, or when you are untrue to your own nature, disappointment is usually the result. If you expect nothing then everything that comes your way is a gift.


Do you perceive the glass as half empty or half full? When you take yourself less seriously the world around you suddenly becomes less cumbersome. Slow down and observe life. See the humor around you. I promise you, it is everywhere. My opinion… comedy writers have an inexhaustible pool of material simply by observing the people and situations around them. Start within yourself. Our perception is our reality; so don’t take yourself or others too seriously. Lighten up! Lose the baggage that weighs heavy on your mind. Chances are you’ll life a longer and happier life.

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