Philip Holder, PhD.

Copyright by Philip Holder Ph.D. 1999


In hypnosis and hypnotherapy we frequently hear the phrase “go deeper”. Have you ever stopped to think about what that phrase means to the clients/patients you are working with. Perception about virtually everything in the world is different from person to person. That’s why two people can see the same movie, hear the same conversation, or see the same event, and get something totally different out of it. We all perceive the world differently based on our life experience.


Every client/patient has his or her unique perception about what the term deeper means. You can use that to your advantage in session. Here is what I do during the pre-talk and intake. This might be of value to you in helping your clients/patients more quickly achieve somnambulism thereby leading to more efficient use of your time and a more productive session.

During the intake I ask my client/patient to close his or her eyes for a moment. . When their eyes are closed I encourage them to relax with a couple of deep breaths. I tell the client/patient that in a moment I will say something to them and that when I do, I would like them to create an image or perception in their mind that is both safe and secure and that at the same time meets his or her perception of the phrase that I will say. I tell them that each time I say the phrase I would like them to allow that image to become more significant to them. I pause for a moment and then I say, “now, go deeper”. I repeat to the client/patient “go deeper”, just let yourself “go deeper”, into relaxation. “Feel yourself “going deeper”. Imagine yourself, “going deeper”, and so on. I always stress the words “go deeper”. After a few repetitions of this I have the person open their eyes and I quickly ask the client/patient, “what image did the words go deeper create for you. What was your perception of going deeper? You will be surprised at the number of useful visualizations and perceptions that your clients/patients will respond with.


Any image or perception that is significant to your client/patient will be far more powerful than one that you might create for the person. You can simply take the clients/patients perception of “DEEPER” and use that perception to quickly and easily deepen the clients/patients hypnotic state. This saves time and effort for you. It also assures that your client/patient will be relating to your words in a way that is meaningful, safe, and secure for them. Try it… You’ll like it!

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