Or You Could Say…

There’s Nothing Wrong With A Quickie Once In A While

by Philip Holder PhD.

Medical Coordinator – BodySmart Wellness

Grandmaster – North American Wing Chun Association

From copyrighted material. Copyright Philip Holder 2015- 2017

Grandmaster, North American Wing Chun Association


There are times when you have all the time in the world to give your subject a detailed pre-talk, take questions, wash the cat and have tea and crumpets. There are other times when you have limited time and must pick up the pace. The following is what I generally say when time is limited. As well, here are some preliminary questions you can ask that will provide a more specific picture of the subject’s current ideas about the experience of hypnosis:

  1. What are you expecting this experience to be like (Their Expectation)
  2. What are you hoping your experience to be like (Enhancement of Imagination)


* Assess their sensory abilities (Subject Investment – Use Dr. Holders Sensory Ability Assessment /

Available by request)

One more thing… Speak quickly. Keep the pace up. If you do so, you’ll likely have at a minimum, light levels of hypnosis before you even finish your pre-talk. That means a shorter trip from induction to somnambulism. When you speak slowly and melodically, the subject will listen to your every word. That’s not what you want. When you speak ever so quickly, fairly soon, the subject will stop actively and critically listening and accepts your words at face value… Guess what you already have? J


In the many years that I’ve been using hypnosis I’ve come to the conclusion that hypnosis shouldn’t be called hypnosis at all. The misconceptions, misinformation and resulting stigma attached to it through TV, movies etc. have done little to help the reputation of therapeutic hypnosis (Hypnotherapy). If I were king of the universe I would simply call hypnosis, “Critical Faculty Bypass” because by definition that’s what it is (the most widely accepted clinical definition of hypnosis is as follows: Hypnosis occurs when we bypass critical faculty and implement selective thinking).

If you’ve ever spaced out, perhaps daydreaming while driving and zipped right past your turn, you had bypassed your critical thinking that was navigating your route. The daydreaming was your selective thinking. By definition you were in hypnosis. Every person of average or above average intelligence goes into hypnosis about a dozen times a week, spontaneously. People just call it spacing out or daydreaming.

Allowing yourself to go into hypnosis is literally the same as when you become engaged in a good movie. The movie industry simply defines it differently. They call it, creating, “A Suspended State Of Disbelief“.

When you go to a movie, without consciously saying it to yourself, you have agreed (unconsciously) to “Suspend Your State Of Disbelief” or allow your critical thinking to be bypassed. When you buy your ticket, you have agreed to allow yourself to become emotionally engaged in the storyline playing out on the screen or stage (This principle holds true as well when reading a good book). During a movie you may find yourself getting angry with the villain, you may establish a rapport or connection with your favorite character and if that character is killed, a tear comes to your eyes… It’s just a movie projected on a screen, but you allow yourself to forget that and become emotionally engaged (By Golly… Is that hypnosis or what?). You’ve gone into hypnosis every time you have gotten emotional over a movie, play or TV show.

By the way, keep in mind that no movie has ever forced you do something that was against your principles. As well, if the theatre were you were in were to catch on fire, you’d stop watching the movie and run out of the theater. You wouldn’t continue watching the movie as the building burned down around you. You would get up and leave. You would be in control then, and you will be in control when in hypnosis now.

For our purposes, you simply need to agree to loan me your imagination and accept my word, at face value, as being real. If I ask you to imagine that you have moose antlers and purple toes, just have fun and go with it. Do that and you will do marvelously. You’ve already proven that you’re a pro at hypnosis. Look at how many thousands of times you’ve already been successful at going into hypnosis.

Just let your mind be free. Don’t attempt to force any specific direction. Just be like a little kid and imagine my words to be actually happening.  At some point in time my voice will likely become like background noise… Like when you’re a passenger in a car and you begin to fall asleep. You may hear others in the car talking but it’s just background noise. When that happens, let it happen. I promise your subconscious is still going to hear me. Let any thoughts come and go randomly without attempting to control them. This is simply a daydream on steroids so enjoy.


Now get right to it before critical thinking creeps back in.

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