Which Came First The Chicken or the Egg

By Marie Holder MD
(Copyright 1996 – 2013)

Aging And Hormone Balance

In the question of which came first; aging, or a reduction (and/or imbalance) in hormone production. Both unfortunately are true. It’s one vicious cycle. From a practical standpoint, there are 4 primary stages of life.

1. When we are little children, under normal circumstances, our bodies are growing and creating new cells faster that we are losing them. Our hormones facilitate this growth.

2. When we reach puberty this is an especially active process. Our hormones facilitate changes that mature and further strengthen our bodies.

3. In midlife, we are most likely losing cells as fast as we are creating them. Some hormonal changes may be taking place but for the most part we still feel pretty good.

chicken_egg_bswAs we continue to age our bodies lose the ability to produce hormones in the amounts that they used to make and in amounts that we need in order to stay well, strong and feeling healthy. We now begin to lose more cells than we are able to create. The hormones that once provided the essentials for growth, health, muscle tone energy, libido etc. are simply not available through normal bodily production. Hormone production drops off significantly. This leads to increased susceptibility to disease, loss of energy, loss of muscle, loss of cognition, loss of libido, and more. The fact is that it truly is a combination… As we age we cease to produce all of the hormones we need to maintain youthfulness and optimal health. Not having sufficient quantities of various hormones facilitates aging. Like I said, it’s one vicious cycle. As we age we produce fewer hormones and as we produce fewer hormones we age more rapidly… Unless we are proactive about our health and do something about it.

Hormone Imbalance and Disease

Studies show that people deficient in hormones like testosterone (both men and women need testosterone), estrogen, etc. are far more likely to develop diseases like cancer, diabetes, cognitive problems (brain fog), general weakness and fatigue, bone density loss and more. As well, morbidity rates are much higher for those with significantly compromised hormone levels. The very thing (hormones) that helped us grow from little children to teenagers to adults is now so reduced that the benefits that once made us strong and healthy are no longer serving that function. People then age, become ill and often die long before they otherwise might.

The Good News

The good news is, there is definitely something you can do about it. Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy has helped millions of people around the world take back their lives from fatigue, disease and premature aging and premature death and to feel and look younger, stay healthier, have a better love life,and to vastly improve the quality of their lives. Even better, it’s easy. Various simple lab tests (blood work and saliva testing for hormone levels) can tell what a person is deficient in, so that a plan of treatment can be designed to get that person back to their original healthy self. The important word to remember is “Bio-Identical”. Bio-identical hormones are identical to the hormones that we produce naturally. When provided through the right delivery system, the results can be outstanding. At BodySmart Wellness we, for the most part, use tiny pellets that are inserted under the skin. The procedure takes about 15 minutes. It’s quick, safe and easy. The advantage is that your body draws on the hormone pellet(s) as it needs them just like when your body was producing all you needed by itself. There is nothing to remember each day and no topical that can transfer to others. Our patients love it.

The Power Is In Your Hands

If you’re feeling tired, if your general health and state of well being is not what it used to be, if you have loss of energy, libido, strength and/or mental clarity, this might be something to look into. It’s important that we all be proactive in maintaining our own health and wellness. Call us if you’d like additional information. We’d be happy to help. This could be the answer to a better rest of your life!

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