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DNA Testing can help you with a targeted program for weight loss and improved overall health.

Contained in the nucleotides of DNA are the genetic instructions for every function in the human body. Traditionally, DNA is associated with dictating individual appearance, hair and eye color, height etc. That holds true as well in regard to enzymatic pathways, receptor function and ultimately the precise requirements for exercise, diet and nutritional supplements for each individual.

Genetic makeup and expression exert considerable influence over an individual’s metabolic function and exercise physiology. There is extensive evidence that supports the direct interaction of genes with overall physiological processes of metabolic function and obesity and showing the intricate interaction(s) of polymorphism(s) that alter the degree or severity of metabolic disorders and/or resistance to weight loss.

By using full sequence analysis, a weight loss test that concentrates on five important loci on four genes* that encode for fat absorption, physiological response(s) to exercise, insulin resistance, obesity, regulation of glucose homeostasis and adipocyte differentiation can be performed . The five genes have been assigned to the obesity gene map that are directly involved in the response to fat absorption and retention, nutritional requirements and limitations and the exercise requirements for an individual. The Fit by Design™ testing (Now available at BodySmart Wellness) identifies and addresses gender differences in phenotype and neuro-hormone influence on physiological response. In other words… By knowing how a person’s genes instruct a person’s body to respond to various foods, levels of exercise etc., more efficient programs for weight loss, fitness and overall better health can be structured.

Why Genetic Testing?

Genetic testing is an analysis that identifies unique variations is genes or proteins. The results of this provides precise genetic information about an individual. The ability to uncover such detailed information has only become available for consumer use in the past few years. Genetic testing, until this time, has been used primarily to diagnose or rule out hereditary disorders or diseases. On the forefront of health and wellness, genetic testing is now available to uncover an individual’s metabolic requirements, paths to weight loss, an athlete’s steps to peak performance, and can even help to avoid childhood obesity. Ultimately, this creates the platform for anyone to reach their optimal health.

Diet, exercise and supplement programs often fall short because they lack the crucial element of biological response(s) and biochemical reactions in any given individual. Approaching diet, exercise, and custom supplementation to achieve weight loss, optimal body composition and wellness, is most efficiently accomplished through the utilization of individualized genetic information.

Full Gene Sequencing vs. SNP Analysis

Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP):

The objective in this method of consumer genetic testing is to obtain what is referred to as the SNP (Single Nucleotide Polymorphism) The SNP provides the variation on a single base pair of nucleotides along the DNA sequence.

Full Sequence Analysis:

Full sequence analysis establishes the present sequence of a gene. Obtaining the sequence reveals every nucleic acid along either side of the SNP, as well as the SNP itself. In addition to analyzing the coding strand of the DNA, this method of sequencing also includes analysis along the non-coding strand of DNA. This can be used to cross-reference and confirm data, and as a measure to identify any inconsistencies during laboratory analysis, if some should arise.

Currently, full gene sequencing is the most fundamental way to get a clear picture of a person’s genetic material. The DNA sequence is what makes an individual truly unique. Determining the sequence of a gene ensures complete confidence and accuracy from laboratory results.

We at BodySmart Wellness now offer this genetic testing. The benefit to you: You truly know what your body needs and as well, what your body does not want. It makes it far easier to know what foods will better facilitate weight loss for you and what exercise program is best suited to your specific requirements to promote weight loss, overall fitness and much more. It provides the ability to structure programs specifically tailored to your needs.

(Our thanks to “Designs For Health”/”Fit By Design” for providing the information used in the above article.)

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