Philip Holder PhD.
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Over the years I have conducted thousands of Past Life Regressions. There are many varying opinions and theories about past lives. Most major religions support at least the possibility of reincarnation.

In brief, allow me to share my belief with you. My theory is that we are all energetically connected and part of a greater whole or Source. Each reincarnation is an opportunity for growth that enriches and brings enlightenment through experiential learning. This facilitates self knowledge and connection with the energetic extension or satellite of Source. When the extended energy returns to the Whole, the Source energy is enriched in experience, knowledge and wisdom. In a sense, each life experience is a classroom where we are to learn certain lessons that we ultimately take home to our parent. There are many things that can only be learned when we are in the physical body. Remaining in energy or spirit form would limit our experience thereby limiting growth. Often these lessons on the physical plane enhance the spiritual part of us in a way that would otherwise be impossible.


Once in a while, someone who calls for Past Life regression will ask me if I guarantee that they will actually regress to a past life. I tell them that I cannot guarantee them a past life experience for two reasons: (1) They may not have had a past life, (2) They may, for whatever reason, choose not to access any past life experience. As well, fear and/or, ironically, trying to remember will sabotage a regression experience.


The most important aspect with any type of regression therapy is making sure that all information is coming from the subject’s experience and not from the therapist or from a preconceived idea on the part of the subject. Too often, the operator being anxious to provide the experience his or her subject came for, makes leading statements or asks leading questions that provide the seed for hallucinations or impressions that have absolutely nothing to do with a past life. To avoid false memory syndrome the phrasing of questions or statements in a non-leading format is essential. For example: If the operator were to say, “look out the window and tell me if you see any trees”, he or she in doing so may create both the window and the trees in the subject’s mind. On the other hand if the operator were to say, “Are you inside or outside”. The subject may say “inside”. Then the operator could then say, “Look around and tell me what you see, anything that is significant to you”. Let’s assume that the subject replies, “I see a window”. The operator might then say, “Tell me about that window”. Using this format, all information is coming from the subject. The therapist is simply facilitating the process and helping the person to move through his or her experience.


On occasion people come for Past Life Regression because they think it sounds intriguing and mysterious. I prefer not to do recreational regression work. I encourage people to experience regression in order to obtain a greater understanding of self. Revisiting a past life experience can provide a person with a depth of self understanding that is virtually impossible to achieve in any other way. Acknowledging the spiritual lessons that are learned is only the beginning. It is important that the subject incorporate that knowledge and wisdom into their current life experience.

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