By Dr. Philip Holder
Copyright 2001 – 2015


In our culture most people have no idea of how to do nothing. Our culture promotes the idea that to be productive we must always be doing something. Creativity however comes from letting go of preconceived ideas.


In western culture we are generally schooled that when something goes wrong we ask what else we can do to make it better. I suggest instead that you ask what you can let go of. What is it that is causing the conflict in your life? What burden are you allowing upon your shoulders? What barriers have you placed in your own path? Rather than adding more clutter, you need to get rid of that baggage. What you need to do is to peel away the layers of the onion until you get to the heart.

We humans love our stuff. It can be material possessions or emotional baggage. Often when our stuff has no purpose in our lives we still hold on to it. I guess that’s why you see $50,000.00 cars sitting in a driveway while the person’s garage is full of worthless junk that he or she just can’t part with. We do cling to our stuff… Both physical and emotional.

The key to opening up to our full potential is in “nothingness”. It comes from letting go of all that which tethers us to the place in which we find ourselves “stuck”. As long as a person thinks he or she has to do “something” they will find only limited success, drama and chaos. Rather than taking on additional tasks one must accept that it’s okay to simply let go of our baggage. Allow your imagination to be your guide. Like when you were a child and a cardboard box could easily become a car, a train, or a rocket to the moon. That is the part within each of us that will give us great power. Instead of attempting to make things happen, let events unfold naturally. Prepare to do nothing from time to time. Learn to open up to possibilities not yet imagined, and everything you ever dream can become available to you. When one has a preconceived idea or expectation of how things should unfold, they tend to ignore all of the possibilities that might unfold to them.

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