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Professional Services Information Programs And Fees
Thank You For The Opportunity To Serve You.
We Are Here To Help You Become The Best Version Of Yourself.
It Is Our Pleasure To Assist You Accomplishing Your Goals
And Improving The Quality Of Your Life!

Our pledge to you is that we will always provide you with
superior care and strive to make your experience with us
a pleasant, productive, and successful one.

For the purposes of this document, the terms Patient, Client, Student, Customer, Enrollee, Registrant, and/or any other subscriber to our services can be interchangeable.


Dear Friend,

I have been conducting hypnotherapy, mentoring, counseling, Life-Coaching, Training etc. online for many years with great success. Visit our website and see hundreds of patient and student testimonials. Our office began conducting online sessions long before Covid-19, so we have had years to perfect our system. Our online sessions are simple and convenient. No driving, going out in cold, heat, snow, or rain, and it saves you valuable time! You probably already have the tools you need for your “Online Virtual House Calls”. These items include, a computer a Webcam & Microphone, a comfortable, quiet place for your session (at home, office, the beach etc.), where you will not be disturbed, and a high-speed internet cable or Wi-Fi connection. For phone sessions, only a phone with a plug or other connection for earbuds, and a comfortable setting are needed.

Below you will find all the information needed for registration and to schedule your appointment. Then, shortly before your session time, you will receive an email invitation for an Online Session/Meeting containing a meeting link. Click on the link, and we will be together on screen. For phone sessions, I will call you at our scheduled time. Like so many others, you will be amazed at how easy and convenient our online system is and how well it works.

I am so very pleased that you have chosen to allow me to help you accomplish your goals.

Best Regards,
Dr. Philip Holder

Phone and/or Text (Main Number): 407-901-1204
PA Residents Call: 215-493-1204 (This line does not accept text messages. To text, use the number above)


Requesting Your Free Account

For convenience and privacy, we provide our Patients, Clients and Students with a  personal account, User ID and Password. Use your account credentials to access Patient Resources and Student Resources etc., as well as our Online Calendar to conveniently schedule your appointments. We will also be adding new features and educational materials that can only be accessed via your individual account .


Filling Out Your Registration Form(s) Online:

Completing your Intake Form for sessions with your provider normally takes between 35 – 45 minutes. It is recommended that you complete the form at one sitting. If you cannot, you can save your form and return to it later.

  1. You must have an account (username/ password). New Patients, Clients and Students will receive login credentials from our office.
  1. To access your Patient or Student resources section and our new calendar, simply go to www.masters-center.com and go to the Login button on the far-right side of the menu bar. Hover over the Login button, then move down to and click on “Login” for your specific category. Then enter your new personal user ID and Password.
  1. Once logged in, you will be able to fill out the form that applies to you, make appointments and access other resources. For Minors planning to use our services, the “Legal Guardian Form” will also need to be filled out.
  1. Fill out the form(s) as per instructions and when FULLY COMPLETED, click “submit” (Your paperwork will go directly into our system) 



The first, and most important stage of therapy, is the Intake. All new and returning patients must first complete the intake process so that the patient’s needs, goals etc. can be assessed by the provider. The Intake is not part of any therapy program or group of sessions. It is a stand-alone session for the sole and specific purpose of assessing patient’s needs, selecting the most appropriate program, mode of therapy, and number of sessions anticipated, to accomplish the patient’s goal(s). During the Intake, the provider will pinpoint patient goals, motivators, address prior obstacles and will develop a plan for success. As well, the patient will have the opportunity to describe his or her issues, propose additional goals, and ask any questions he or she may have. After the Intake is completed, the provider will suggest a therapeutic plan that he or she has concluded would be best suited to the patient’s needs. The provider and patient will then review that therapeutic plan together. It is then up to the patient to decide if and how they want to proceed.

It is important that new and returning patients complete the intake form(s) as soon as possible so that their data can be entered into our system and a chart created for the provider’s advance review. Patient’s will not be seen unless their completed paperwork is received, fully completed, no less than one week prior to the first/Intake appointment (unless otherwise indicated in writing by the provider). For Minors: A parent/guardian must sign the parent/guardian approval form and accept responsibility for the minor’s payment(s).

New And/ Or Returning Patients Must, Arrive/Be Logged In, 20 Minutes Prior To Your Appointment. Existing Patients Must Be Logged In 15 Minutes Prior To Session Time. This is in case we need additional information from you, or clarification regarding your registration. As well, this provides time to address any technical issues or adjustments that need to be made (lighting, sound, video, etc.). We make every attempt to prevent registration, clerical, or technical matters from encroaching on your session time. If a registrant or patient is not logged in, on camera and ready to begin, no later than 5 minutes prior to the scheduled appointment time, the provider may at his or her discretion close and cancel the appointment and the patient will be responsible to pay the full amount for the missed session (or if they have pre-paid program sessions, they will forfeit a session). Please be logged in at the required time. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. Participants are responsible to test their equipment prior to session time to be certain it is all working properly. Sessions may be stopped if a disruption occurs due to participant equipment malfunction, with no refund for and no retake of the session.

Unless otherwise indicated in writing, all appointments will be Online “Virtual House-Calls”



Scheduling An Appointment:

All Appointments Must Be Scheduled Via Our Online Calendar , Except for New Patient 2-hour Intake Sessions Which Must Be Scheduled A Provider Staff Member By Phone, text, or email).

If you have looked on the online calendar and cannot find an open appointment time that fits your needs, contact us and we will do our very best to accommodate you by finding a time that works for you.

Scheduling Appointments Online: Go to the “Schedule Appointment” button (top of Resources page) And Click To open The Calendar.

Please remember when using the online scheduling calendar, that all appointments must be booked at least 72 hours in advance, but no more than 30 days into the future. Standard appointment change and cancellation policies (as shown on our website and in your intake form), still apply when using the online calendar. Changing an appointment via the online calendar must be done a minimum of 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment. If required notice is not given, you may be charged for the appointment at your provider’s discretion (See late/missed appointment policy on your registration document and on our website).


ONLINE SESSION GUIDELINES, DETAILS AND PREPERATION  – What You Need For Virtual House Calls (Online Sessions)

You probably have ALL or MOST of the tools needed.

* Computer

* Webcam & Microphone

* Comfortable, quiet place at home, office, the beach, or wherever you happen to be, where you will not be disturbed.

* A high-speed internet cable or Wi-Fi connection

Note: Most laptops have a built-in mic & webcam. Desktop monitors may have one built in. If not, a USB webcam is fine. (USB webcams usually have a built-in mic.)

Notices and updates will be sent via text message to your cell phone. Your session link will be sent by email.



* If using a mobile device, (laptop, tablet, etc.), be sure the device has a full charge and if possible, is plugged in.

* If using Wi-Fi, be sure you have a strong, stable signal. If signal is weak, move closer to your router.

* Avoid lighting from behind you (unshaded windows, lamps, ceiling lights etc.). Backlighting makes your image difficult to see.

* Please Do Not Use Artificial Backgrounds. They pixilate when the person on camera moves which is distracting.

* Test your webcam & microphone IN ADVANCE. Be sure they are working properly.

* Check your camera and microphone for position, picture and sound.

* For Hypnotherapy Sessions: Sitting or Reclining, your provider needs to be able to see you from sternum to the top of your head.

* Be sure your device will stay in position during session or class. For tablets, a tablet stand is recommended: Click Here For Example

* When hypnosis is being used in your program: When reclining, earbuds/headset should reach you easily (Wireless set is best)

* Be sure to have privacy (phone off, sign on door etc.). All office protocols apply to Online services.

Any interruption resulting from failure to comply with these simple guidelines may, at the provider’s discretion, end the session with no refund and no re-do of the session or class so please, so…

 * Please check your setup in advance.



* On session day, approximately 30 minutes prior to session time, you will receive an email with a link that looks like this one:


* Click on the link (or copy the link and paste the link into your browser’s address bar) and then Hit “Enter”

The session software will launch (1st time it could take a minute or so).

* Once launched, you may be asked for a name. If this occurs, enter your First Name and then click “JOIN”.

* When You Get To The Audio Prompt: Choose, “Join Audio Conference By Computer”.

On subsequent sessions, when using the same computer or device, when you receive your link, simply click the link and you are in!

That is All There Is To It.


* If using a mobile device (Laptop, Tablet etc.) be sure your device has a full charge or is plugged into an electrical outlet.

* If using Wi-Fi, be sure you have a strong, stable signal. If your signal is weak, you may want to move closer to your router.

* No electronic recording of any type is permitted without advance written permission by the provider.


Other General Considerations For New Patients, Clients And Students

Email Address Book

It is advisable to put our email address, messages@masters-Center.com, in your address book to prevent emails from being redirected to your Junk Folder. If you do not receive your email as indicated, please check your junk-mail folder. If the email is not there, let I know immediately, and we will resend it.

Consistency Is Important

Consistency is critical for any therapy for it to be effective. It is vital that participants adhere to the protocol set up by the provider and make all appointments that are recommended in your planned schedule.

Enter the session Ready to begin

Enter the session Ready to begin. Any eating, last minute organizing, switching phones, lights etc. will be disruptive to your session. As well, they will erode your session time. If any such interruptions occur during a session, the provider at his or her discretion, may end the session with no obligation to repeat it and no refund.

Missed and/or Late For Appointment

Regarding Late and/or Missed Appointments: Your provider’s time and knowledge are his or her stock and trade. Your provider is setting aside over 2 hours of his or her time for your initial Intake appointment. It would difficult if not impossible to fill that time if cancelled at the last minute, or by failure to arrive on time for the appointment (On location and/or Online). An intake appointment can be cancelled or changed, however, changes and/or cancellations require 48 business-hours’ prior notice. If your appointment is cancelled with proper notice, a refund of the deposit, less a $50.00 clerical fee, will be refunded to the registrant’s credit card. Any cancellations made with less than the 48-hours required, will result in forfeiture of the full registration and/or session fee so… Please contact us in advance if you need to change your appointment. Subsequent scheduling changes or cancellations for regular appointments require 24 business hours prior notice. At the provider’s discretion, you may be charged a service fee of $50.00 if 24-hour notice is not provided by the participant. If a participant, cancels after 8:00 AM on the day of the scheduled appointment, or if a scheduled appointment is missed entirely, the participant, will be responsible to pay the full amount for the missed session (or if they have pre-paid program sessions, they will forfeit a session).

Patient Status

Patients are no longer considered “Active Patients” if they have not been seen in the office within the last 12 months.

For sessions at our physical location only: In inclement weather, patients must also call, in advance, as stated above, to cancel. Do not assume that we will be closed due to inclement weather. As well, you may be able to change your appointment from an on location session to an online session.

Payment Method

We accept cash, debit card, credit card, Venmo and CashApp (no checks please). Registrants must have a valid credit card on file and authorized signature (or e-signature) allowing us to bill for treatment, materials. meds, tools, incidentals etc. By submitting your Intake Form, you are providing this authorization and no further action is needed. All session packages have been discounted. All services must be prepaid unless other arrangements have been authorized by your provider in writing.