New Updated Pricing And Terms As Of January 1, 2019
All previous Pricing Posts Are Null And Void

Your first appointment (The Intake) is extremely important. It is the time when your provider will pinpoint your goals, motivators, prior obstacles, etc., and will assess your needs. As well, you, will have the opportunity to explain your issues, purpose, goals etc., and ask any additional questions you may have. Together, you and your provider will develop a therapeutic plan and select a program specifically tailored to your needs

There is a $200.00 non-refundable registration or re-registration fee for new patients and for past patients who have not been seen in a year or more. The registration fee will be charged to your card at the time of registration or when scheduling your first appointment (whichever comes first). This reserves your scheduled 2-hour appointment time. Your initial Intake appointment will be approximately 2 hours. The $250.00 fee for your intake will be billed to your card between 24 to 72 hours prior to your scheduled visit. Your (NOTE: First appointments must be paid for with a credit card).

Your provider is setting aside 2 hours of time for your appointment that would be difficult to impossible to fill were you to cancel at the last minute, or if you failed to arrive on time for your appointment. An intake appointment can be cancelled or changed, but we do 48-hours’ notice. If your appointment is cancelled with proper notice, a refund of the deposit amount, less a $50.00 clerical fee, will be refunded to the registrant. Any cancellations that are made after the 48-hour deadline will result in a forfeiture the full deposit so please contact us in advance if you need to change your appointment. Subsequent scheduling changes require 24 hours prior notice. The patient may (at the provider’s discretion), be charged a service fee of $50.00 if 24-hour notice is not provided by the patient. If a patient, student etc. cancels after 8:00 AM on the day of an appointment, or if a scheduled appointment is missed, the patient, student etc. will be charged the full amount for the missed session (or if they have pre-paid program sessions, they will forfeit a session).


Dr. Holder’s Fees:
Effective Oct 1 2018

(Includes, Hypnotherapy – Counseling – Life Coaching – Mentoring, Etc.)

  • Registration (and Re-Registration) Fee: $200.00
  • Initial Intake With Dr. Holder: $250.00 (Average/Approx. 2 hours)
  • 3-Session program paid in full at the time of enrollment – only $765.00
  • 6-session program paid in full at the time of enrollment – only $985.00
  • 9 -Session program paid in full at the time of enrollment – only $1235.00 (Great Value)
  • 12 -Session program paid in full at the time of enrollment – only $1499.00 (Best Value)
  • Regression Therapy / PL Regression (If not part of/included within a pre-paid program):

Option 1: Standard Practice is a 2-session program, each session lasting up to 2 hours each. Fee: $750.00

Option 2: Fee of $450.00 per session, if paying separately for each session.

With all regression sessions that are not conducted within a regular non-regression program, any additional time used after the initial 2 hour time allotted within a session, will be billed by the minute at $4.90 per minute.

  • Memory Retrieval (Lost items etc.) 2 sessions program. (Session 1: 1- hour Intake/Prep. – Session 2: Up to 1 ½ hours for Memory Retrieval session). $395.00. (NOTE: We make no guarantee that memory retrieval for lost items or any other issue will be successful as there are variables over which we the provider have no control e.g. but not limited to, items being stolen, not lost. Items falling from a hole in a pocket with no awareness of the event etc.

(Payment Plans Available. See Our Payment Plan Section For Additional Information)

Session Base Price Info

Session base prices with Dr. Holder, depending on session type, range from $275.00 – $475.00 session (sessions are 50 minutes to an hour). Programs are to the patient’s advantage because they are discounted below the base session prices in accordance with the length of the program enrolled in. See our program prices.

Payment plans are available for some programs in some circumstances at the discretion of the provider. Pricing includes the standard fee plus 10% service fee. A maximum of 3 payments billed every 2 weeks is allowed. Payment in full must be made prior to the last visit of a program.

Special urgent 1-Session Price – $470.00 for maximum of up to 3 hours. Anything over 3 hours is an additional $2.75 per minute. Our standard intake/registration forms are required to be filled out by the registrant, online, prior to the appointment.

(For Kung Fu Training Fees see our Wing Chun Kung Fu web page)


Dr. Marie Holder

No Longer Taking Patients

All other services, please call for pricing

Pricing and plans subject to change without notice. Any changes will be updated on the BSW website as quickly as we are able
Payment Plans and Any and All Discounts Offered Cannot Be Combined
Discounts cannot be combined with any other offers, redeemed for cash, or transferred and may be withdrawn at any time by management without notice.

Payment Policy

Whether paying with cash, check or credit card it is required that we have a valid credit card on file. If the credit card that you are using is that of someone else, their information (address, phone number, email, etc.) must also be included on our credit card form and they must authorize your use of the card in writing. The patient, client or customer and/or card holder in signing or submitting this form acknowledges that any unpaid balances or other money owed may be charged to this card if their account is not current. This includes charges for missed appointments.

Payment for services are due either at the time services are provided or with programs and certain select services payment and/or a deposit will be billed to your credit card prior to that time depending on the program selected in accordance with BodySmart Wellness LLC (Masters-Center) current policy unless other arrangements are approved in advance by office management in writing. We do not accept insurance and we do not participate in any insurance group, network etc. and do not otherwise interact with insurance providers. As a courtesy, upon a patient’s request and at our discretion, we will happily provide you with an invoice containing dates of service, procedure code(s) etc. that may be used if you plan to submit to your insurance company for direct reimbursement. Since 2 hours is set aside for most initial appointments a patient’s card(s) will be charged the full fee for the visit and/or any outstanding balance prior to that initial visit. There is a $50.00 service charge for checks returned un-payable for any reason or for credit card charges denied for any reason.

Excluding phone calls made for the sole purpose of scheduling an appointment(s) telephone calls/consultations lasting more than 5 minutes are billed as follows: Phone consultations (any calls discussing medical, therapeutic or related topics) lasting over 5 minutes will be billed at $2.00 per minute with a minimum charge of $25.00. If you need to discuss a/your case, review labs etc with your provider please make an appointment. Your provider’s time and knowledge are his or her stock and trade. Phone Sessions and/or Consultations are billed at our regular on-site session rates.

Payment Plans

Payment Plans Are Available For The Following Services Subject To Any Other Provider Terms And Conditions Listed In This Document Or In Other Registration Forms. Any Discounts Offered By The Provider Can Not Be Used With A Payment Plan. Payment Plans Are Not Available For Standalone Initial Intake Sessions.

  • Life Coaching and Mentoring Programs
  • Hypnotherapy Programs

Payment Plan Terms Of Service:

  • When selecting a payment plan an additional 10% service charge will be added to the fee of any program or
    service being purchased.
  • Only programs with fees in excess of $500.00 are eligible for payment plans.
  • A maximum of 3 payments (including the initial program payment), are allowed.
  • The full outstanding balance must be paid in full, before the start of the last session of a program or program cycle.
  • With payment plans all payments must be scheduled as automatic credit card charges on either a weekly or bi-
    weekly basis depending on the total cost and conclusion date of the program. No cash or checks are accepted with
    payment plans.