Philip Holder, PhD.
Grandmaster North American Wing Chun Association

Chi Sao is designed to train contact sensitivity and reflex. It is designed to give you the ability to get in tune with your opponent thereby gaining the ability to determine what he or she intends to do at the instant that he or she knows. This skill takes a great deal of sensitivity.

What is sensitivity ? Isn’t sensitivity the ability to become part of the journey with another… To become part of the process, to be able to empathize with and make contact with the nature of the other person. If you are part of the process (as opposed to separating yourself from the other person and the process) you are able to understand the direction and focus of the other persons energy without being confrontational. What a wonderful advantage in knowing your opponent. What a wonderful advantage in life.

I often tell my students that the best Kung Fu is when you are able to achieve without fighting. The best weapon is your mind. Often times we become angry because we don’t understand what others are feeling. Often times a more positive result comes from tuning in to the other persons motivations and energy. By becoming a conduit for the other persons energy, you can better get in touch with that person. Having a better knowledge of that persons motivation, you are better equipped to solve the problem in a constructive way.

Remember, although there is a time to fight, most fights can be avoided. No one wins in a fight. One person simply looses more than the other. Be in charge of your life. Don’t let others push your buttons. By getting “in tune” you can better know the motivations and intent of the other person and be better equipped to deal with the situation. The ultimate sensitivity exercises are understanding and communication.


Grandmaster Philip Holder

Ying Gi Ga Wing Chun

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