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4 Steps To Happiness And Success

What the mind perceives as real is real to that person’s mind. Your belief in your abilities is just as important to success as any mental or physical effort and ability that you put into achieving your dreams. What you can visualize, you can more readily accomplish, but you need a system…

Constructive Arguing

(Communication Skills For Better Relationships)

Whether it be a marriage, a friendship, a business or work relationship, a negotiation or anything else that requires communication between two or more people, this workshop can help you acquire skills that will result in a better and more productive outcome.

Stress Or Contentment In The Workplace

There will always be stressors around us. The key to experiencing contentment on a regular basis isn’t in our environment or the people around us. It is within us. This workshop provides tools to help you keep stressors on the outside, put daily challenges in perspective, and develop great compensatory skills for dealing with stress…

Couples In Conflict (How To Fight Fair)

Personal differences make life interesting but can also cause conflict. Arguments that lose sight of a goal and/or become personalized, can leave scars that are difficult to repair. Communication and listening skills are key. Arguments can be constructive and help you better understand your loved one(s), You can gain the ability to resolve conflicts, manage anger & frustration, empathize and negotiate, if you follow a few simple rules. This workshop is a communications class  designed primarily for couples but individuals are welcome to participate.