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SmartShield System™

(Defensive Tactics and Personal Protection. Includes elements of the Six Zone Safeguard System)

Knowledge is power! One course could save a life! Possibly your own. Learn to keep yourself, your loved ones, or those you are charged with protecting safe, in this increasingly unsettled world

We live in an increasingly dangerous world. There are many reasons for this. Law enforcement usually arrives after the fact and is therefore incapable of protecting people in most instances. Movies, television, and video games have played a role in desensitizing people to the real tragedy of and painful aftermath that follows violent crime. Abductions, beatings, robberies, rapes, and murders happen around us daily. Virtually every victim of violent crime was caught unprepared and off guard. Victims obviously thought that it would not happen to them or they would have done things differently. We leave our homes for work or recreation. We send our children to school and off to college assuming someone in authority will be looking out for their safety. That attitude can and has often led to tragedy. Remember as well that not all violent crime happens in high crime or impoverished areas. Heinous crimes happen every day in middle class and upscale neighborhoods. In truth… no one is really looking out for you, your spouse, or your children.

Personal responsibility and preparedness on everyone’s part is essential in our increasingly dangerous world of violent crime. SmartShield includes, threat analysis, avoidance, methods to reduce your exposure as a target (Hardening the target), how to create windows of opportunity for escape, what to say and/or do, and what not to say and/or do, if confronted by an assailant, procedures for threats involving weapons, stress management skills, psychological and emotional factors, simple and effective defensive tactics should the need arise, home security and much more.

SmartShield Pro – For the Security Personnel And Law Enforcement

This course includes the Smart Shield Security System Shown above PLUS additional training specifically for Security Personnel And Law Enforcement.

Security Personnel And Law Enforcement Are Statistically At Far Greater Risk Than The Average Person. The very nature of security personnel and law enforcement officer’s jobs, places them at greater risk. Providing protection for another person or for a facility can make the security professional a primary target. Making an arrest or traffic stop or serving a warrant all have their own inherent risks for law enforcement. Circumstances can quickly escalate to levels where the only person you can depend on to provide safety for yourself or someone you are responsible to protect, is you. This version of the SmartShield System is focused on the needs of Law Enforcement and Security personnel. It includes, Handgun Retention, Disarming (Knives, firearms, clubs and more), subdue and restrain tactics, escape tactics, and more.

Women’s Self Defense

This course is designed primarily for needs more specific to women, but both women and men can benefit from this workshop or seminar. Included are ways to increase awareness, the physical and mental skills needed to increase levels of safety and confidence, ways to avoid dangerous situations, to reduce the level of threat to a more manageable level, and ways to maintain composure and to manage stress under pressure. Most importantly the course stresses ways to create a window of opportunity for escape.

This is NOT a typical “Self Defense Class”.  We do not believe that anyone can effectively teach a person to beat up a 6’2”, 250-pound attacker in one easy lesson.  That would be unrealistic. What this program offers is the opportunity to increase your ability to provide for your own safety. Those who have already experienced an assault have a different sense of violation than those who have never been assaulted.  For this reason, content is aimed at providing both the emotional and physical skills that are vital in providing for personal protection and a sense of wellbeing.

Wing Chun Kung Fu – Self Defense/Battle Applications Seminar

Featuring Grandmaster Philip Holder
Called The “King of the Street” by Karate/Kung Fu Illustrated

Grandmaster Holder has done much to develop and promote Wing Chun Kung Fu in the United States. His 50+ years in the martial arts along with his practical experience in contact fighting and executive protection, add a realistic touch to his seminars, workshops, and video lessons. He is respected worldwide for his abilities.

Zoned Defensive Tactics (SixZone Safeguard System)
    Hands on training in basic defensive skills
Finding or creating the opportunity for escape through both verbal and physical skills.
Using Everyday items as weapons.
Defensive Tactics against an unarmed attacker
Defensive Tactics against an attacker armed with a knife
Defensive Tactics against an attacker armed with a club
Defensive Tactics against an attacker armed with a firearm
Defensive Tactics against an attacker armed with a firearm
Abduction – Escapes

And more

Wing Chun Kung Fu – Self Defense/Battle Applications Seminar

Law enforcement and those providing security, can be a dangerous job. The day can be moving along peacefully… be even a little uneventful, and  then in the blink of an eye, that can all change. If you are an individual licensed to carry a concealed weapon, some of the same risks can apply.

What if, during a struggle, someone attempted to take your firearm from you. What if he is bigger and stronger that you. This seminar will provide you with practical applications for retaining your firearm. As well, you will learn simple, practical and effective disarming techniques for use against

an assailant with a firearm, knife, club and more.


Grandmaster Holder has instructed law enforcement personnel, military personal, professional bodyguards, and professional  defensive tactics instructors. Now you can benefit from his decades of experience.

Courses Can Be Tailor Made To Fit Your Personal or Organizational Needs

Karate/Kung Fu Illustrated Called Him The King Of The Street” For His Streetwise Training Approach


Practical street defenses for unarmed attackers, knife defenses, stick/club defenses, and firearm defenses. Learn how to protect yourself in a multitude of situations.

The Six Zone Safeguard System Of Defensive Tactics

(The Six Zone Safeguard System is a practical, Streetwise approach to defensive tactics)

In today’s fast paced world, few people have the time to devote to years of martial arts training. With crime and violent assaults on the rise, knowing how to provide for your defense can offer great peace of mind. The Six Zone Safeguard System is a short term course that can provide the basics of sound, street-wise skills for personal safety and survival.

Self-defense and fighting are two separate and distinct things. In self-defense, your goal is to survive. In fighting, your goal is to vanquish your opponent. The six Zone System of self-defense provides valuable tools for survival. It is not intended to make someone a world-class fighter in two easy lessons. By learning a small number of very versatile techniques, however, a person can prepare for a multitude of situations.

Ultimately, you are responsible for your personal safety. The police may or may not be there for you. Often, those close enough to help, don’t want to get evolved. Knowing the right actions to take (or not take), along with the ability to cope emotionally with an assault can make the difference between life and death. You can take responsibility for your safety. You have the power.

  1. Basics – Who will attack you and why (various types of assault).
  2. Avoidance – The best way to safety is to stay out of harm’s way.
  3. Awareness – Training you to know signs of danger… What to look for.
  4. Stress Management – Stress will cause both emotional and physiological changes to take place. These stress factors can inhibit or prevent you from responding appropriately. Stress management skills are essential.
  5. Creating a window of opportunity for escape – Finding or creating the opportunity for escape through verbal and physical skills.
  6. Zoned Defensive Tactics – Hands on training in basic defensive skills and everyday items as weapons.

Practical Street Defense For Dummies

(Including everyday weapons you probably carry already)