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Martial Arts And Related Mini Courses

Enhance Your Fighting Abilities – Vol. 1 of a mini series

Ways to Improve Fighting Skills Using Wing Chun Principles

The Tunnel – Path Of Least Resistance

Students will learn how to more easily access openings and find the path of least resistance to the target.

Crossing The Bridge (Wing Chun Mini Lesson)

Students will learn about the concept of crossing the bridge that is created when 2 practitioners make contact during an exchange.

Defensive Tactics – Club

Defending a club attack.

Knife Defense – Straight Thrust

The best self defense is always to preemptively keep yourself out of harm’s way. Like Benjamin Franklin said, “An Ounce Of Prevention Is Worth A Pound Of Cure”. If you, for some reason, are confronted by an attacker, it is important to be prepared to provide for your safety. This brief video provides brief yet valuable knowledge about a method of utilizing Wing Chun Defensive Tactics against a Thrusting Knife Attack.