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Hypnotherapy And Related Mini Courses

Strategies For Handling Difficult Patients/Clients – Vol. 1

Included are various topics to help both office and therapy run more smoothly. Course covers approaches for keeping both therapy and office procedure on track thereby saving time, money and preemptively circumventing potential problems. This is volume 1 of a series. (Course Content From A Live Mentoring Session)

Rapid Inductions 1

In a clinical practice it is important to be able to achieve somnambulism in the shortest possible time. Speedy inductions with great depth are a great plus in your practice. The inductions included are amazing, quick and simple. Dr. Holder teaches the nuances of each induction and demonstrates how to best perform them.

Rapport And Being Liked

It is important to create rapport with a client or patient but… that rapport should never place the therapist in the role of a friend. Striking the delicate balance of establishing rapport, respect and faith in both therapist and the process takes skill and knowledge. This Mini-Course addresses those issues.

The Magic Stick (Breaking Unwanted Connections)

This is an opportunity to gain another technique for breaking unwanted connections and for better understanding the importance of ritual.

Instant Induction Mini Course 1 – (Confusion and Shock)

Participants learn valuable tips that can increase knowledge about the instant induction shown as well as how to get maximum effectiveness when using this induction.