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1. Article: Stop Supercharging Your Problems
2. Philosophy Of The Week
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1) Article

Stop Supercharging Your Problems

by Philip Holder Ph.D.
Grandmaster, North American Wing Chun Association


How many times have you heard someone say: The Problem Is”… when confronted with one of life’s little speed bumps? Where you choose to place your intent, focus and energy will dramatically affect your outcome. The dialogue you have with yourself, whether defeatist or motivational will give power to one respective outcome or another. Don’t give power to the problem. Give power to the solution.

As the parable goes…
An Old Cherokee Is Teaching His Grandson About Life:

A grandfather says to his grandson, “There are two wolves inside each of us which are always at war with each other. One of them is a good wolf representing things like joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, generosity, truth, compassion, bravery and love. The other is an evil wolf representing things like anger, envy, arrogance, self-pity, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, ego, greed, hatred and fear.
The grandson pauses for a second then looks up at his grandfather and says, “Grandfather, which one will win?” The grandfather quietly replies… “The One You Feed”.
Author Unknown


The following are two, of many similar replies, I have made to people who have told me that something I planned to do was impossible or when sai an idea of mine, “Wouldn’t Work”.

1.” The difficult may take me a few minutes. The impossible may take me a few minutes longer.”

2 ” If I say I’m going to fly over the moon, don’t ask me how. Just get out your binoculars and look up at the sky tonight.”

The way that you choose to look at life will make a dramatic difference in your life. If you look for problems, you will find them. So, if you want more problems, please, look everywhere you can for them! Likewise, if you look for solutions, you will find them. In my opinion, it’s best to put your focus, intent and energy into looking for solutions right from the start.

The fact is, you don’t have to look for problems. They will find you! You do, however, have to look for solutions. “Solutions Will Not Seek You Out”. A lazy and/or a defeatist person will likely focus on a problem and say, “This can’t be done”. That unproductive attitude simply gets that person off the hook for taking responsibility for their life. To take power over your life it is important to take responsibility for your life. This requires that the focus be on finding solutions to life’s puzzles. With power comes responsibility and with responsibility comes power. Like the Yin and Yang, they are inseparable properties of the same entity.


What most people call problems are simply opportunities to show how powerful your mind really is. With each solution found comes greater knowledge and greater wisdom. If you happen to catch yourself saying: “The Problem Is”, make the shift. Instead, begin saying to yourself, “The solution is, the solution is, the solution is! You’ll be surprised at how much more you’ll accomplish, how much prouder you’ll be of yourself and how much happier you’ll become, by being Solution Oriented.

“Solutions Will Not Seek You Out”.
Philip Holder PhD.
Grandmaster: North American Wing Chun Association

2) Philosophy of the Week

Love without respect is just another four letter word.

Love without respect is like giving a thirsty person water with no cup to hold it.

by Philip Holder Ph.D.
copyright Philip Holder 2017

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