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7/23/16 Edition
Table Of Contents

1. Article – Shin Tai… Evolving the Art of Shiatsu


3. Philosophy Of The Week – Think Big

4. Prerecorded programs custom made for you!

5. This Month’s Special Offers! FREE CONSULTATIONS for Shiatsu, Nutrition and Reiki

6. Upcoming Certification Classes, Workshops, Training Events.

1. Article

Shin Tai… Evolving the Art of Shiatsu

Recover Life Force ∞ Empower YourSelf

By Pamela Koenig

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The meaning of Shin is origin or source and the meaning of Tai is body. Tai incorporates Gen Tai which is our Earth Body, Rei Tai which is our Mental Body, and Yu Tai which is our Magnetic Body – also referred to as Astral or Emotional Body.  Shin Tai seeks to assist in creating harmony between all the aspects of our self.

Movement is equivalent to life.  Even in the primitive cell, movement is equivalent to life.  If there is no movement, life ceases to exist.  Shin Tai seeks to restore movement and balance.  It seeks to address energetic restrictions and distortions in the soft tissues and in the energy system, which manifests in a range of symptoms that affect the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of a person. Shin Tai restores Life Force through a variety of techniques that include elements of Shiatsu, Cranial Sacral, Fascial, Structural, Meningeal, and Outer Body work.  This enables individuals to have more energy and clarity to create the life that brings them the most joy.

Shin Tai’s main focus is on the Governing Vessel and Conception Vessel meridians, the Central Channel, creating space and movement in the body, and recovering Life Force.  Through reading the body, a Shin Tai practitioner works with the priority of treatment through various techniques to release stress patterns, create space and movement, and to free blockages all leading to the recovery of Life Force.  Shin Tai works to address the underlying energetic patterns that are utilizing a person’s Ki in ways that do not necessarily support them in current time.   The recovery of Life Force that was trapped in a Past Time continuum is now available to bring a person more into the Present Moment.  An individual then gets more in touch with their own healing power and moves forward in life.  The person becomes more connected to the body’s intelligence and they begin to make choices in life that best support creating a life that brings them into alignment with their own true self.

The Shin Tai concept is a body of work that was developed by Saul Goodman, the founder of the International School of Shiatsu and Shin Tai International. Saul has traveled extensively, over the past 30 years, teaching Shiatsu and Shin Tai around the world.  Shin Tai takes the practice of Shiatsu into evolving levels of bodywork to further support an individual in body, mind, and spirit.

Find more about Pamela on our website:

2. Make Your Life Easier

Short Term

For Many Of Our Services

We understand that the current sluggish economy is affecting most Families. Most of us are working harder and longer for less. It’s during these times of added stress and difficulty that more than ever, people need the services we provide. We want to help! The primary and foremost reason we at BodySmart Wellness do what we do, is to help people to a healthier, happier life. If at all possible, we don’t want cost to stand in the way of you receiving the services you want and need. For this reason we are instituting a new more flexible payment structure. With some of our services, we don’t have much wiggle room to modify our payment policies but with the ones that we can, we have designed this new system in the hope that it will make payment easier for our valued patients and students. You can find our new payment plan on our site by selecting “Services” from the drop-down menu and scrolling to the bottom where you will find “Payment Plans”. The services included in our new “Payment Plan” program are:

3-Session Hypnotherapy Program 8-Session Hypnotherapy Program
Hypnotherapy Certification (Primary, Advanced and Instructor Programs)
Complete Student Materials Library for Hypnotherapy Certification
Full Cycle hcg Weight Loss Program Initial Psychiatric Evaluation
Hormone Replacement Therapy (Programs Over $500.00)

Now We Have Made It Easier
For You To Get The Help You Need!

Call or visit our website for details

(Select the “Services” Tab. Scroll to the bottom and click “Special Payment Options”)


Note: All other policies and procedures remain the same as previously
Please read program plan details posted on our website

3. Philosophy On Thinking Big!

If you’re going to be thinking anyway, you might as well think Big!
Donald Trump

4. Pre-Recorded and Tailored To Your Needs

“Personalized, Pre-Recorded
Hypnotherapy and Meditation Sessions
And Save Even More

Dr. Holder will meet with you in person or by phone to access your needs (Intake) and then he will record an audio session to fit your specific needs. 
Weight Management Smoke Cessation Stress Management
Grief Management Self Esteem Greater Confidence
Performance Enhancement Fertility Sexual Dysfunction
Fears and Phobias, and much more!

You can select from 1 of the following options

1. Telephone or In Person Intake to personalize your session(s) tailor making the program to fit your needs. Come in and enjoy your pre-recorded sessions in a private therapy room. Up to 4 visits includes a brief consultation with Dr. Holder on each visit if requested. $295.00

2. Telephone or In Person Intake to personalize your session(s), tailor making the program to fit your needs. Purchase the license to your pre-recorded session(s) and benefit from unlimited pre-recorded sessions in the privacy of your own home. $225.00

Note: Although a bit more expensive, One-on-One sessions/programs conducted in our office with Dr. Holder provide the best results for difficult and/or complex issues. Dr. Holder can then tweak and refine session content from session to session when you come in to our office for regular sessions.


This Month’s Specials

Our associate Practitioners are offering

DIANA MOORE PH.D. ——- Nutrition
PAMELA KOENIG ————– Shiatsu

Consultations Are FREE
Appointments Are Required
So Call Our Office Now

Offer Ends 8/31/16 at 5:00 PM So Act Now

Participants Required To Fill Out Standard
Registration Form(s) Prior To Appointment
Only 1 per person
No substitutions can be made in place of the stated offer
Offer cannot be combined with other discounts or offers
Participants are required to complete standard office registration forms
Appointment changes must be made no later than 48 hours prior to their scheduled appointment
BodySmart Wellness LLC and/or Providers reserve the right to refuse services to anyone
for whom he or she feels this service would be inappropriate.
Offer can be withdrawn at any time without notice by BodySmart Wellness LLC.

6. Upcoming Certification Classes, Workshops, Training Events.

book 20160719a


“A-Synchronous” course format. You study and train at your own convenience, day or night, any day(s) you choose. Only 2 Synchronous class meetings for the Practicum are required at the end of the course. They can be done at our location or online (certain requirements apply. See course description – CLICK HERE!).

Primary Hypnotherapy/Hypno-Counseling Certification
Advanced Hypnotherapy/Hypno-Counseling Certification
Hypnotherapy/Hypno-Counseling Certification Instructor Certification
All Hypnotherapy courses begin September 12, 2016
All exams and course work must be completed and turned in by December 2, 2016 when the course concludes.
Practicum For The Primary Course Will Be Held: December 3 and 4, 2016

Thank You For Your Interest
Have a Great Day
From All Of Us At
BodySmart Wellness LLC




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BodySmart Wellness Center Administrators


Marie A Kimelheim MD.
Medical Director

Marie A. Kimelheim, M.D. is Medical Director of Center for Cognitive Enhancement of Bucks County. She is a licensed psychiatrist who is also trained in Anti-aging and Regenerative Medicine, Holistic Psychiatry and Functional Medicine. She received her medical degree from Temple University School of Medicine and her psychiatry training at Temple University Hospital. She is currently a fellow in the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine program.

Dr.  Kimelheim has over 20 years in medical practice specializing in Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, Anti Aging Medicine, Mood Disorders, Integrative Psychiatry and Weight Loss. Dr. Kimelheim possesses a great understanding of patient’s weight loss and related health needs and combines her many skills to provide patients with exceptional service. Through patient specific specialized testing and treatment protocols she strives to determine the root cause of the patient’s symptoms and disease state rather than merely treating the symptoms. Her interests include brain fitness for peak performance and optimal well-being, nutritional and alternative approaches for psychiatric disorders, bio-identical hormone replacement and spiritual attunement. Dr. Kimelheim merges mainstream and alternative medicine using functional medicine concepts, nutrition, and other natural approaches.


Grandmaster Philip Holder

Philip Holder: Personal

Philip lives with wife Marie, Dogs Dexter and Oscar and cats Nico and Luna. Philip and Marie have 5 children (1 girl 4 boys Philip and Marie are in practice together at their BodySmart Wellness LLC facility in Yardley PA. In their spare time they enjoy spending time with family, going to the movies dining out, shopping for odd and different things, dancing and traveling.

Philip Holder: Therapy

Dr. Holder is a therapist specializing in Therapeutic Hypnosis and Counseling and Life Coaching. A sought after motivational speaker and teacher he instructs hypnotherapy & advanced hypnotherapy courses, as well as teaching at nationwide events. Although he recently retired from teaching hypnotherapy, advanced level hypnotherapy and instructor level hypnotherapy (and many other classes) at Bucks County College (where he was a professor for almost 20 years), he continues to teach at conferences, at BodySmart Wellness and online..

He has been certified by The International Association of Counselors and Therapists, the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association, the National Guild of Hypnotists, National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists and other prominent organizations. Dr. Holder is an instructor of hypnosis, hypnotherapy, and meditation and offers regular certification courses. Dr. Holder is a lecturer and published author. He has appeared in many prominent magazines, on television, on talk radio, and is featured in a number of instructional videos and on audios. His book “Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy – The Power of the Subconscious Mind” has consistently retained a Five Star rating on and is used by both therapists and trainers as a source of information on hypnotherapy. Over the years, thousands have benefited from Dr. Holder’s services. He regularly travels teaching seminars and workshops. As well, people travel from around the world to utilize his services and to study from him. He conducts workshops for corporations, public school systems and for private educational facilities.

● Philip Holder was nominated for the Hypnosis Hall of Fame in 2000, 2001 and for 2003.
● He received the Hypnosis Hall of Fame’s prestigious Barton John Dutton award in 2001.
● He also received the award for “Outstanding Clinical Contributions” from NATH in 2002.
● In 2003 Dr. Holder was honored with the “Therapist Of The Year” award by the International Association of Counselors and Therapists.
● Awarded the International Medical Dental Hypnotherapy Association “Presidents Award” 2009
● Awarded International Medical Dental Hypnotherapy Association “Life Fellow In Hypnotherapy” 2013.

Main Site: Also visit: www.HypnosisCenter.ORG

Philip Holder Martial Arts Bio

Philip Holder is an internationally renowned meditation and Kung Fu Grandmaster. He is published author (with books, numerous magazine and newspaper articles to his credit), He has been featured in Wushu Kung Fu Magazine, Black Belt Magazine, Martial Arts Training, Karate/Kung Fu Illustrated, Qigong Magazine, Inside Kung Fu, Karate Star, Karate International, Wing Chun Today, Martial Arts Masters, American Karate, and other prominent magazines. He has also appeared in the “Who’s Who in Martial Arts” on television and on radio. He has been featured in over 200 instructional videos.

Philip is one of the top martial arts instructors and defensive tactics trainers in the world. He has a reputation for quality in the martial arts that began over 50 years ago. He holds the position of Grandmaster of Ying Gi Ga Wing Chun Kung Fu and is both Grandmaster and chief instructor to the North American Wing Chun Association. He is the creator of the self defense and special defensive tactics program known as “The Six Zone Safeguard System”. He has provided instruction to group classes, private students, military personnel, law enforcement personnel, to executive protection personnel (Bodyguards) and other security agents. He himself has, in the past, worked as an executive protection operative. He also has experience as a personal trainer. His teaching encompasses the physical, philosophical and psychological aspects of personal development. His personal “hands on experience” gives a true sense of realism to his classes and seminars. Over the years, thousands have benefited from Dr. Holder’s teaching. He regularly travels teaching seminars and workshops. As well, people travel from around the world to study from him. He conducts workshops within various, corporations, school systems and for private educational facilities.

Philip has certification in Acupressure, Shiatsu and Oriental Diagnosis, as well as other holistic modalities and experience as a personal fitness trainer/consultant. His background gives him a unique ability to address the union of body and mind like few others.

Main Site: Also visit:

Phil has played music since age 11 or 12. He plays, guitar, piano, organ, and drums and is an accomplished vocalist. He had his first band when 12 in which he sang and played guitar. He consistently played for many, many years thereafter, first as an amateur and and then as a professional full time musician. Deciding it was time to go to college he again went back to playing music part time. Although he plays 5 instruments, for most of his music career he has been a lead vocalist and front man. He has a broad vocal range and can sing almost anything.

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