Additional Weight Loss Programs

We have additional options to the Hcg Diet at BodySmart Wellness for those who are either not candidates for the Hcg Diet or perhaps prefer another method. BodySmart Wellness offers an innovative approach with nutritional supplements and coaching, hypnosis for weight loss, exercise recommendations and meal replacement programs.

We also now have our exciting new DNA Analysis which through a very simple swab of your cheek can tell us your specific genetic pathway to weight loss! Often we help patients with a combination of different approaches (including the Hcg Diet) in conjunction with the above mentioned methods. At BodySmart Wellness our goal is to find the right method for you to achieve optimal results and create a program tailored to your personal needs.

When patients come to BodySmart Wellness they have an initial consultation and an intake to determine what method(s) and approaches will be best for that individual. We’ll discuss food choices, portion control issues, your relationship with food (are you a stress or comfort eater etc.), out of control snacking and so on. We make our recommendations to you and then the choice is up to you. No high pressure sales people. You’re talking directly with our caring staff.

You can have a healthier body and greater energy. We at BodySmart Wellness what to help you achieve that goal today.

Options include:

Meal Replacement Weight Loss Maintenance Plans

We use only high quality pharmaceutical grade protein meal replacement options which help boost your metabolism and keep you burning calories efficiently. You feel full and satisfied while feeding your body the nutrients it needs to burn fat and help you lose weight.

Nutritional Counseling and Supplements and Specialized Testing

At BodySmart Wellness we do not utilize the “cookie cutter” approach. We personalize your program to optimize your results based on your unique needs. We offer specific supplement recommendations to keep your body running at peak performance. You will feel and look better and realize your fitness goals. We use only pure, pharmaceutical grade supplements. We also offer specialized blood testing which allows us to determine your body’s specific nutrient deficiencies. We are also very excited to offer specific DNA testing to determine your specific genetic code and your specific optimal program for weight loss.

Fitness Counseling and Fitness Training

We have staff and associates for fitness consultations, skilled in the art and science of exercise and fitness. These are available both at our office and also available through referral. Proper exercise is an important component for weight loss, body symmetry, stress management, energy and is even proven helpful for depression. Not every exercise program works for every individual. Consulting with staff at BodySmart Wellness can help you choose what’s right for you and to understand why. Let BodySmart Wellness help you put together the whole package so that you can rapidly create the body of your dreams.