hCG Rapid Weight Loss Programs

The HCG Diet has been reviewed by Dr. Oz whose wife has been on the program. Dr. Oz strongly suggests that anyone interested in HCG should ONLY do so under the supervision of a physician. That’s What We Provide at BodySmart Wellness!

HCG is the pregnancy hormone and when present in the body, controls many metabolic functions. Combined with a special low calorie diet, HCG can induce your body to lose stubborn fat that normally would be very difficult to lose. Patients tend to lose between a half pound and two pounds per day. The HCG Diet can be used by both men and women; in fact men often find the diet works especially well for them due to their higher natural levels of testosterone.

There are many HCG Diets on the market today, however, it is strongly suggested that HCG should only be done under the supervision of a physician. At BodySmart Wellness, HCG patients are properly monitored and seen regularly. This assures the best possible outcome for each individual. Initially patients have an EKG, a medical exam, and often vitamin B12 injections, all included in one affordable price. Some patients may also be sent for lab work if the doctor feels it appropriate. Our medical director, Dr. Marie Holder personally monitors the fat loss and inches lost so that the program can be adjusted to the needs of the patient. Patients are amazed at the results!

The HCG “Diet” is a low calorie diet in combination with the use of Hcg. Patients feel truly excited when they see the scale go down every day, it’s the greatest feeling in the world. We have successfully treated many overweight patients with pharmaceutical grade Hcg at BodySmart Wellness. Hcg causes the body to break down and release abnormal fat stores. Patients can normally look forward to a re-sculpted body and a higher metabolic rate. For anyone wanting to lose that stubborn 15-20 lbs. as well as those classified as obese, Hcg can be a safe and effective way to weight loss when administered by a physician.

An Added Benefit of the Hcg Diet

HCG helps to release stored toxins resulting in a healthy Detox. It is the abnormal fat that absorbs and stores toxins that we take in daily from food preservatives, airborne toxins etc. When your body rids itself of that abnormal fat it also rids itself of many of those toxins.

Since Hcg only targets the abnormal fat, women don’t have to fear losing breast size. As well, by using Hcg your body does not go into starvation mode and most patients are not hungry, even with the restricted calorie diet.

Note: Without Hcg, a low calorie diet can cause a person’s body to go into starvation mode. Absent the calories it needs for fuel, your body will essentially say, “I’m not getting enough fuel”, so starvation might be imminent.

This is a natural response that we humans acquired long ago to protect us from starvation in times where there was little food (drought, famine etc.). When starvation mode occurs, your body does a few things that you’re not going to want to happen… Your body turns down your metabolic rate to consume less fuel (You end up with less energy). Your body bloats existing fat cells and creates new ones to save fuel. Your body then breaks down muscle tissue for the fuel it needs. So the result is this… You end up with a thinner fat person. The person loses muscle rather than fat.

The down sides to that are, you don’t look as shapely (poor body symmetry). Because muscle burns calories 24 hours a day, even while you are sleeping, in starvation mode, your body is incapable of burning as many calories per hour. The term Yo-Yo diet came from with other low calorie diets where weight is lost, only to be regained due to participants going into starvation mode and making even more fat cells. This does not happen with the Hcg Diet because you are actually getting about 2500 to 3000 calories a day on average. 500 to 600 hundred from the food you consume and the remainder from your own metabolized body fat.

The Hcg Diet is a great way to safe, rapid weight loss when done the proper way at BodySmart Wellness.