Contains The Following:
Primary Course Materials

Introduction to Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy
Duration:  15 minutes
This video is a concise introduction to Hypnotherapy / Hypno-Counseling. It designed to save the practitioner time and to facilitate greater benefit from the practitioner’s pre-talk. You can even have your receptionist play this video for your next client or patient while you are still in session. This video is a time-saver and does wonders to make your client or patient feel more secure with the process of hypnotherapy by answering many common questions in advance. If you are a client or patient (not a practitioner) and simply want to know more about hypnotherapy / Hypno-Counseling, in a clear and concise way, this video is for you too.
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Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy (The Power of the Subconscious Mind) – eBook
This book provides an understanding of the theories and concepts in effect when using hypnosis therapeutically. Case studies and examples are explored to provide students with insights into the actual response of clients/patients.
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Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy (The Power of the Subconscious Mind)
Duration:  1 hour 47 minutes
Understanding the concepts involved in hypnosis, is only the beginning. It is essential that a practitioner or student be able to take these concepts and translate them into practical application. This product is intended to provide students with a protocol and/or model for practical application of the theories and concepts taught in our Hypnotherapy text book. Demonstrations and detailed explanations provide the viewer with an easy to follow learning format.
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Conducting a Great Pre-Talk
Duration:  1 hour 35 minutes
Perhaps the most important part of any hypnotherapy session is the pre-talk. This is where the hypnotherapist educates the client or patient, creates and/or strengthens rapport, alleviates any client/patient fears etc. A great pre-talk can make the difference between success and failure in the accomplishment of your desired outcome. This video provides practical information and explains the components that should be part of a successful pre-talk thereby leading to greater success.
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Conducting a Great Intake
Duration:  2 hours 2 minutes
The Intake, like the pre-talk is an essential component of successful session work. In the pre-talk, information flows from the therapist to the client or patient. In the intake, the information flows from the client or patient to the therapist. This is where the therapist gathers the information necessary for formulation of meaningful suggestions specifically tailored to the client or a patient’s needs. This video set will help you to ask the right questions, formulate powerful suggestions and structure and conduct dynamic intake that can lead to a higher success rate with all hypnotherapeutic modalities (Direct Suggestion, Indirect Suggestion, Regression, Hypno-Analysis, etc.).
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The Elman Induction
Duration:  1 hours 35 minutes
Want to achieve somnambulism with your client or patient quickly and easily? The Elman induction is a rapid induction that enables the therapist to achieve somnambulism with most clients virtually every time. Dr. Holder will take you through each step of this exciting induction. If you have never used the Elman, you’ll love it! If you already use this induction, this video may very well give you greater insight into ways to make your induction even faster and better.
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Conducting a Great Smoke Cessation Session
Duration:  54 minutes
Smoke cessation is one of the staples of a hypnotherapy practice. Successful smoke cessation sessions provide both income and referrals for other therapies. This video provides demonstrations, explanations and insight into effective techniques for effective smoke cessation sessions.
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Conducting a Great Weight Loss Session
Duration:  52 minutes
Like smoke cessation, weight loss is one of the main staples of a hypnotherapy practice. Successful weight loss sessions provide both income and referrals for other therapies. This video will provide demonstrations, explanations and insight into effective techniques that will help you conduct more successful weight loss session.
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Conducting a Great Stress Management Session
Duration:  51 minutes
In recent years stress management has been an ever-growing part of most hypnotherapy practices. Stress can negatively affect a person’s health and state of mind. This video provides demonstrations, explanations and insights that will help you to successfully provide clients or patients with tools to manage stress and take back control of their lives.
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Practice Management
Duration:  1 hour 7 minutes
Having hypnosis/hypnotherapy skills is only half of the equation. It is also important to have a working knowledge of practice management. This course is designed to help the student understand basic principles of practice management, (Marketing, Advertising, record keeping, establishing practical office policies, etc.),to provide a heightened opportunity for success in your professional practice.
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Sample Session Start To Finish (With Smoke Cessation As Topic)
Duration:  1 hour 7 minutes
Many students as well as practicing hypnotists and hypnotherapists in the early stages of their practice have requested a video of Dr. Holder doing a session from start to finish so that they can see the complete structure of a session. (To Keep the focus on relevant information regarding the goal of this video some sections that are not relevant to our goal have been edited out.)
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Rapid Inductions (In a Professional Practice)
Duration:  1 hour 1 minute
In a clinical practice it is important to be able to achieve somnambulism in the shortest possible time. Speedy inductions with great depth are a great plus in your practice. The inductions included are amazing, quick and simple. Dr. Holder teaches the nuances of each induction and demonstrates how to best perform them.
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Conducting Great Group Sessions
Duration:  2 hours 43 minutes
Groups are a great way to increase your income, get referrals, and gain exposure in your market place. This video explains ways that groups can help your practice grow and demonstrates proven strategies and techniques for forming andconducting group sessions. As well the viewer will learn how to get the most marketing impact when conducting groups. Dr. Holder demonstrates a group induction that is both quick and effective.
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Strategies for Great Hypnotherapy
Duration:  1 hour 26 minutes
The Fundamentals of hypnosis are covered in this video including all of the essential information that students, new or old, need to know about hypnosis. It is a great place for the beginner to startand a great place for those with experience to firm up and add depth to their knowledge of core information.
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I Was Wondering
Duration:  1 hour 33 minutes
This video is a live class workshop with students and therapists participating in a Q&A with Dr. Holder as he answers questions on a variety of topics. This video contains answers to many of the common questions that both students and practicing hypnotists and hypnotherapists often have.
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Seven Days To Great Meditation (Audio Only) Free Bonus Item!
Duration:  23 minutes
This is a great self help audio for anyone who would like to get the most out of their meditation. Gaining the ability to achieve meditative trance state can take months or even years of practice the conventional way. With this audio recording the ability to achieve a meditative state can take as little as seven days. Dr. Holder has been teaching meditation for decades. Combined with his extensive knowledge of hypnosis and hypnotherapy he has designed this audio recording to help others more easily experience the wonderful benefits of meditation. This audio recording can provide a way to get rid of stress and to open up to your creative abilities, your intuitive abilities, and to your untapped talents. Enjoy it now!
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Your Phone Is Full Of Money (Audio Only)
Duration:  51 minutes
Learn proven techniques to book more appointments when potential clients or patients call. Dr. Holder shares proven methods that have enabled him to book over 95 percent of incoming calls. No matter how good your advertising it means nothing if you can’t make the sale when potential clients or patients call. Get the most from your advertising. Let Dr. Holder help you to be a great closer. The techniques included in this recording can be applied not only to a therapeutic practice but to any business requiring sales (which are most businesses).
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Ethics In A Professional Practice (Audio Only)
Duration:  39 minutes
Ethics play a vital role in each practice and in the profession as a whole. It is important that each practitioner understand what constitutes ethical, professional conduct. This is why all credible hypnotherapy associations have a code of ethics and standards of practice. In a professional practice your reputation is everything. The guidelines presented in this recording can help the practitioner establish a sound set of ethical guidelines for their practice.
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Mid To Advanced Course Materials

Using Abreaction As A Therapeutic Tool
Duration:  39 minutes
Like the old saying goes, “Sometime you need to break a few eggs to make an omelet.” Some therapists new to the profession hope and pray that none of their clients will spontaneously experience an abreaction during session. Others prepare for how to handle the situation if a client or patient does experience abreaction. The fact is, abreaction can be used as a powerful tool for helping a client or patient accomplish his or her goals. Abreaction is frequently a therapeutic cornerstone when doing regression therapy. This video will both better prepare you to respond to spontaneous abreaction as well as showing how to facilitate and utilize abreaction (when appropriate) in helping your clients or patients achieve their goals.
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Duration:  56 minutes
Hypno-Analysis is a powerful tool for uncovering the source of issues that may be inaccessible to the conscious mind. Hypno-Analysis has tremendous value in acquiring information buried in the unconscious that is essential for helping clients or patients reprogram for positive change. Let Dr. Holder provide you with insight and methods to utilize this fantastic way to communicate with the subconscious.
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Tips For Great Sex And Greater Sex – Hypnotherapy
Duration:  21 minutes
Do you want to help clients or patients enhance their sexual pleasure? Perhaps you would like to have an incredible love life. Sex is fundamental to our existence. Without it, the human race could not continue. Perhaps that’s why nature made sex so pleasurable (or at least it should be). If you’re ready for a dynamic sex life then this video can help you or your clients achieve just that.
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Hypnosis For Sexual Dysfunction
Duration:  1 hour 3 minutes
Sexual intimacy is fundamental to adult relationships. Sexual Dysfunction can be damaging to a person’s self esteem, it can be embarrassing and it can lead to relationship problems. There can be emotional hang-ups, old counterproductive subconscious programming, a medical pathology, or a combination of both. This video provides valuable information for the therapist about how to help your clients or patients overcome sexual dysfunction issues. It also addresses when (and when not) hypnosis is an appropriate tool in working with sexual dysfunction.
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Hypnotherapy For Fears And Phobias
Duration:  1 hour 1 minute
Fears and Phobias can prevent a person from reaching their full potential. They can inhibit a person’s ability to experience life’s exciting moments, take reasonable risks and inhibit a willingness to look at objectives as wonderful adventures. Fears are sometime necessary (e.g.: if the building is on fire, get out) but they can sometime have too much power and influence in a person’s life. Phobias are unrealistic fears with little or no basis in reality. These perceptions and emotions are housed in the subconscious. That is why hypnosis is an incredibly powerful tool for helping clients or patients overcome these often inhibiting and/or destructive feelings. This video provides valuable tools that will help you better help clients or patients overcome fears, phobias and the stress and anxiety that often accompany them.
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Ideo-Motor Response And Its Uses In Hypnotherapy
Duration:  26 minutes
Ideo-motor response has a variety of applications. It can be used as a method of induction. It can be used as a means of getting automatic answers to questions. It can be used as a means of creating critical faculty bypass with ADHD and other hyperactive clients. Let Dr. Holder show you how to use this fantastic and versatile tool.
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Coma State
Duration:  37 minutes
Coma State provides the ultimate in hypno-anesthesia. As well, it can be used to help clients or patients explore areas of their subconscious that they have never experienced before. Dr. Holder shows how to induce Coma State, test for Coma State and understand it’s uses.
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Regression Therapy
Duration:  55 minutes
Much of the time direct and/or indirect suggestion will work effectively for positive change. There are many cases, however, where finding the root of the problem through regression is absolutely essential. This video teaches both effective regression techniques, and how to conduct a session without creating false memories (Forensic Hypnosis).
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Past Life Regression (Theory And Uses)
Duration:  58 minutes
The theory of past lives is intriguing. Whether you are a believer in reincarnation or not, this video will provide you with the techniques and insight into both the concept and the therapeutic value of accessing a client or patient’s past life experience(s).
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Hypnosis For Childbirth
Duration:  56 minutes
Using hypnosis for natural childbirth is a growing area In Hypnotherapy. Help mom and dad welcome baby in a special and wonderful way. Mom can be fully present to experience the joy of bringing a new life into the world. Dad can be a true partner and support within the process. The information in this video is designed to help both new and experienced hypnotherapists get wonderful results in this ever growing specialty.
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Performance Enhancement
Duration:  47 minutes
Performance enhancement is a growing area within hypnotherapy. This course will help you help your clients or patients overcome self-imposed barriers to success and to maximize their potential. Business, sports, sexual, academic and other personal goals are covered in this video… virtually all areas of performance enhancement have certain common denominators. Knowing these common denominators simplifies the process and expands the areas in which you can provide this valuable service.
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Hypnotherapy For ADD And ADHD
Duration:  52 minutes
Working with ADD and/or ADHD can present their own unique set of challenges. If you are currently, or desire to work with children or adults with ADD or ADHD then, this video is for you. Key points as well as valuable, practical techniques are covered in this video.
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Hypnotherapy For Addictions
Duration:  44 minutes
Working with addictions presents it’s own unique set of challenges. This video provides techniques and vital information you’ll need to know when working with addictions of all types. Sooner or later someone will call you for help with a drug or other addiction. Be Prepared. If you are already working with addictions this video can provide additional tools to help you with those clients or patients.
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Hypnotherapy For Pain Management
Duration:  57 minutes
Hypnosis for pain management and Hypno-Anesthesia are growing fields. They are an effective way to help people with chronic pain, deal effectively with discomfort while undergoing medical or dental procedures, emergency pain relief in first aid situations and more.
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